Foreplay Fridays!

Its Friday! Its Friday! Gotta get down on Friday!  And its almost summer…which is like the best news ever.

I’m getting myself up and running, this coming week. Gonna work out a ton, lots of meetings and fun things to do! But don’t worry, I’ll be working on some blog posts this weekend so I can have them up and ready for you next week!

Back to Foreplay Fridays!!!

Building up anticipation can really work as some great foreplay. I had 5 months of anticipation just building and building and building. And it was totally worth the wait! I’ll have another 2 months of anticipation again but it all leads somewhere eventually which is wonderful and exciting (and I’ll share that with you in a bit).

So how can you build up your anticipation?

Are you maybe a couple that hasn’t had sex in awhile? or maybe you have your routine and need to spice it up a little bit! Whatever your sex schedule is (or lack thereof) building up to the day/time that you know you’re gonna get some is fun and easy!

Here’s some tips to build up the anticipation!

Send some sexy text messages to your significant other about how excited you are to see them later!

Go commando (either all day or if you’re going out on a date, for your date)

Get dolled up just for the occasion! Make yourself feel sexy and your partner will notice your confidence!

Get lost in a daydream! Fantasizing is a great way to build up anticipation! Imagine what you and your partner are going to do later!


Got some other tips to build up the anticipation? Share them in the comments!!


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