Getting Fit in 2014!

This week starts my get fit summer week. And as I was thinking about what to write today, I came to the conclusion, that beyond a healthy sex life, its important to have just a healthy life in general. I’ve talked about before how exercising (particularly yoga) can improve your sex life as there are more benefits to working out beyond just getting in shape and loosing weight (if thats what you’re working out for).  So I’ll be including some other healthy tidbits on my blog from my adventures in getting fit, changing my diet and living a healthy lifestyle  and of course a healthy sex life!


One of the things I’ve noticed in my current attempt to change my lifestyle into a much more healthy one, is that its not easy. And whoever says that is…well they’re a liar. As I’ve talked about before, I’ve struggled with eating disorders since I was about 9 years old. It got really bad my freshman year of college and my immune system was shot. Since then I’ve had numerous bouts of bronchitis, respitory infections and other respitory problems that just like to stick around. I’ve been to every specialist under the sun and have really gotten no where.  I came across an interesting article Here about a doctor who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and was able to cure her condition through altering her diet. Now I’m not a person who things doctors should be irrelevant, my brother-in-law is in med school and I think there are many instances where doctors are necessary. But it made me question my own eating habits and how the food I eat may be affecting my health in a negative way.



I took a look at the Paleo diet and knew it wouldn’t be for me…I like my pasta and grains too much. But upon further review, I discovered Clean Eating and decided that eating clean would be a better fit into my lifestyle and would be easier for me to modify the foods I already eat to be clean.

So what is clean eating?

In the most basic sense, clean eating is eliminating processed foods and chemicals that may be in the foods we eat every day. For example, shredded cheese often contains cellulose which prevents it from sticking. Its a good rule, to look at the ingredient list and if there are items you can’t pronounce its a good idea to pass it up.

Luckily for me, I had already consulted with a nutritionist a few months prior to my diet change and had already made a lot of modifications that were fairly clean. It was the convience foods that really have had the affect  on my life…ie shredded cheese, ranch dressing, peach tea, bread and other random small things I typically pick up for on the go for lunches or a quick dinner. Its a slow process for me, which is ok. Its not going to happen overnight. Yes, I could go through my cupboards and dump everything that has a chemical in it or is some sort of processed food, but when you’re on a budget and trying to save for some big events/purchases in the up coming future, tossing half the food in your cupboard isn’t a logical option. What I have done, is dump some of the items that really are just chemically processed and completely unhealthy…like my ranch dressing…and other random condiments and the shredded cheese. Websites like Pinterest and The Gracious Pantry are great resources for clean eating, with tons of recipes and shopping lists for items that you can buy that are clean. Its helped me a great deal!

The week or two prior to my trip to Buenos Aires, I started my clean diet. I would say right now, I’m about 50% clean. I give myself cheat days (as I go out to dinner with friends often and my work has lunch catered in at least once a week) and after I finished off a lot of the non-clean items in my pantry, I’m going to start tackling the make-ahead meals for work and dinners. In those few short weeks of eating as clean as I could, I noticed a HUGE difference! I lost a little weight, my skin looked healthier, I had more energy and got better sleep. Now that I’m back from my trip I”m back on the clean diet and working my way back to having a fridge and freezer stocked with clean meals. I even bought a slow cooker to make ahead some dishes!

So how does eating healthy affect your sex life? 

Besides the obvious general health benefits; weightloss, energy, and overall better health.  Eating healthy can help boost your sexual appetite and even help you perform or reach an orgasm better!

  • Foods rich in antioxidants can help boost your circulation (a key aspect to a good strong erection or getting the blood flowing to the clitoris)
  • Foods riddled with preservatives, additives and other chemicals to boost color or  flavor, according to some research and studies, can mess with your hormones and put your body out of balance which can in turn affect your libido and sexual function, even potentially your fertility.
  • Food that have natural mood boosters (pure dark chocolate for example) can stimulate the brain and get you more in the mood!

In my perspective, just like medications can have side affects on your body, so can the chemicals put into foods. Those chemicals can alter your mood and your health, by eliminating them you can improve both!

And who would say no to being in a great mood, being healthy and an improved sex life?!


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