Taboo Tuesdays!

Womens sexual health is a HUGE passion of mine, advocacy, education and research are all crucial to developing a scientific, beneficial and forward moving idea for care whether it be through doctors or your own sexual health. But until recently, womens sexual health has been on a back burner. Even in our own lives, let alone politics and in the medical community.  There’s a huge discrepancy between the advancement in mens sexual health compared to womens. Viagra has been on the market for ages…well over ten years and has been on the market for erectile dysfunction since 1998. But where is the help for women? There is none…and women suffer from sexual dysfunction as well, actually MORE than men.

Did you know that nearly 43% of women suffer from sexual dysfunction…compared to 31% of men?  Yet there are 26 different drugs on the market for men, not one for women.

We have to get involved, encourage the FDA, health organizations and other companies to eliminate the gap between treatment for the same condition. is a campaign to help eliminate that disparity. You can sign their petition HERE to help push the FDA to make this a priority and level the playing field for both men and women.


2 thoughts on “Taboo Tuesdays!

  1. I wrote a post that briefly touched on this, where society views essentially any change in the male libido as decidedly a physical problem and female libido as a psychological problem. It’s downright shameful.

    • I completely agree. Although, I think today’s society automatically jumps to some kind of medical diagnosis before exhausting all resources to rectify a condition. Kind of like the gluten free diet trend. Considering only 5-6% of people have Celiacs Disease, 94-95% of the people who are on a Gluten Free diet…don’t need to be. However, because of the trend, its provided food options for those who do suffer from Celiacs, which is fantastic. In regards to sexual functioning, our bodies change so much as we age and many aren’t educated or very accepting about that. So many people think that sex stops after you have kids or hit a certain age, so they have no clue how to adjust to the changes your body makes as you age. Not to mention so many other factors can affect your sexual functioning in both men and women, medication, stress, diet, exercise…if we took a look at all that prior to seeking medical treatment many would see results. However, we need to advocate for options for women, because as it has always been, we are still in a patriarchal society and men are often regarded as more important. By having treatment options for women, it creates equality. But I also think we need more education as we age, knowing what your body does after you hit milestones, so we can appropriately treat and diagnose both men and women.

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