Foreplay Fridays!

Well my friends, we’ve made it through another week. Hopefully you all have had a great one too!

No one says foreplay has to be all massages and tickling. Foreplay can definitely be naughty and filled with vibrations! Incorporating toys into the bedroom if you’ve never done so before can be a scary thought for both partners. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told by women that they’re nervous to buy a couples toy because they’re afraid their partner won’t be accepting of it or they just are too scared to communicate what they want.

There is a big misconception when it comes to sex toys, from both men and women. And that is that toys replace your partner or that they desensitize you permanently. Both of which are just not true. There are of course always the exceptions to the rules, but in general neither occur.

But before you jump to the big boys and incorporate dildos or other vibrators into your relationship, start small! Bullets and massagers (even the vibrating back massagers you can get at Walgreens) are an excellent way to incorporate toys into the bedroom and into your foreplay.

The really great thing about bullets is that they really are multi-purpose toys. Not only can you use them in a foreplay situation where you are massaging your partner or they are massaging you in all your Erogenous Zones but you can also use bullets for their primary intent as a clitoral massager. And once you and your partner are comfortable using toys together you can always add a ring to your bullet and its instantly a C-Ring!

Bullets come in a huge variety of sizes, features and strengths. I always recommend knowing how strong of a vibration you can tolerate (as I’ve had some girls want to return toys because they’re too strong! Even when I warned them!!!) and asking questions when purchasing the toy. Although I’m not the biggest fan of sex toy shops, as they can sometimes be divy and often have ill-trained staff on sexual health, they still will be able to answer questions such as the strength of toys and perhaps even show you how strong they are! Ultimately they are there to help you purchase a product, so they should be able to answer your questions!

And don’t be afraid to ask for toys in the bedroom! Studies show that 70% of men are open to using toys!


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