Blush Box Reveal!!

I tossed around the idea of buying an adult subscription box for quite some time. I absolutely adore my Birchbox and want to order more subscription style boxes (jewelry, lingerie, heck…even shoes!) But for the most part, I’m cheap and trying to pinch my pennies for some upcoming excitement…which will be revealed eventually.

So after much contemplation and some other major life decisions. I decided to re-evaluate the gigantic pile of crap I have on my plate and sort out somethings. I want to really put some more time and effort into my blog and expanding it into so much more than just sexual health and tips (although it will still be the primary content). And incorporate some reviews of products, books and the like.  Soon I’ll be re-vamping my apartment to create a usable work/blogging space perfect for a no distractions area for school and blogging. Pics to come soon! And I’m re-vamping my diet to get my bod into tip top shape for day to day performance but you know…also tip top shape for sexual performance. 😉 😉

Once all my ducks are in a row, we’ll be rocking and rolling and I’ll be able to stream-line and focus on just a few things…not a million bazillion things at once. BUUUUTTTTT I couldn’t wait to order a subscription box, part of my plan to expand the blog! So I dove right in and opted for a Blush Box!!!  The nice thing about Blush Box is I could try it for one month. There are quite a few different options out there for adult subscription boxes at a variety of different price ranges. As you can see from my post here. The Blush Box comes in pretty packaging and was a comfortable price range (considering I’m used to paying $10 for my Birchbox).  And now that I received it, I’m in love!!! Now the decision is…do I purchase an ongoing subscription…or do I try out another brand!? Hmmm…choices choices….Any-whoooo! You wanna know what I got!?  (ignore the spotty paint in the background…..I’m painting a dresser, it was handy and white)



Blush Box, Subscription box, sex toys

Isn’t it pretty!!!

Blush Box, subscription box, sex toys

Each box has a little card detailing what’s inside!

lubricant, vibrator, mints, pheramones, arousal


This particular type of subscription (The Monthly Teaser) includes 3-5 Full Sized and Sample Sized items! Talk about score! Even with the sample sized items they’re more than big enough to last a bit! I was thrilled to get a full sized bottle of lubricant and some toys!! Thats the nice thing about these types of boxes, its no fun if you don’t get a toy (because thats partially the point right?!) And I was shocked and thrilled with the toy that was sent! Even though its just a small bullet, the presentation and the other items included was like a whole additional Blush Box!

A Blush Box inside a Blush Box!?

A Blush Box inside a Blush Box!?

More goodies!

More goodies!

The little JimmyJane box came with a cute little feather (perfect for Foreplay Fridays y’all!), a couple condoms which is always nice because you know…safety first, a Bullet  and a little fortune cookie game! Remember those things back in Elementary and Middle school!?  This little box was a perfect little addition and the first thing that came to mind was…holy crap! This is great for travel, fits perfectly into a carryon or suitcase, and so discreet.

Flavored towlettes!

perfume, pheromones

Pheromone Perfume Oil

Now my company sells a similar product…and I love it. And it does work (at least in my opinion) Particularly when the oils are more pheromone based compared to added to an already scented product such as a lotion or spray. I’ll def be dabbing this on when my boyfried is back stateside!

The tin really explains it all

The tin really explains it all!


Are you in the Mood??

I can never stress to my clients enough, using a lubricant each and every time you have sex is really important. A water based lubricant is by far the most gentle and is really great for daily use. Looks like I’ll be starting a nice little collection of lubricants!


So there you have it friends! My very first Blush Box! I loved all the goodies I got and I can’t wait to try them out! August really could get here faster you know….


*I am not an affiliate of Blush Box, I just happened across them and couldn’t resist! So all opinions are my own and not resulting in compensation.


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