Foreplay Fridays

It is SUPPOSED to be hot. I mean…come on, the first offical day of Summer is tomorrow. And I seriously have jeans on and a blazer. Ok so I have to be work appropriate, but still!!! No summer dresses! No skirts! No tanks! Its been quite chilly. I spent a bunch of money on summer clothes…that I have yet to wear. Not cool summer not cool (well it is cool and thats why I can’t wear them!)

Sex in the summer…can well be hot, sticky and sweaty. Not that its a bad thing…but when its 100 degrees outside and 105 inside, no one is up for some foreplay or anything but sitting in front of the fan in just your underwear and even doing that you’ve got a whole lot of Swoob (sweaty boob) going on.

So how you can you heat up your sex life but still cool down?? one simple word. ICE.


Ice is a fun thing that is easily added to your sexy bag of tricks…plus its a no biggy if it melts all over because you know…its water.  And in the summer time when its blazing hot not just in the bedroom but outside, ice can give you that little edge and cool you off…plus give your nipples the shivers and tingles.

Whether you’re trailing an ice cube up and down your partner’s body or even using it in your mouth for a refreshing little bit of oral action, the possibilities are endless! And if your fingers get too cold, there are even little ice cube holders that you can fill and freeze that stay colder longer and keep your finger tips warmer! You can get one here!

Got some more ideas of how to heat things up while keeping cool for the summer?? Share them in the comments!


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