Taboo Tuesdays

In light of President Obama’s recent statement about having paid maternity leave for mothers across the US it got me to thinking. I’m 100% for paid maternity leave, like with others who chime in on the convo, we really are one of the ONLY developed countries in the world who do not offer paid leave for mommas. Take a look at this graphic below that shows the amount of paid leave other countries provide their moms and families:


Most countries, including some developing countries provide working mothers at least 12 weeks of paid leave after having a baby. The United States offers none. Looks like we’re a little behind on the times. Research shows that in the first twelve weeks, babies go through many developmental changes, from learning about their surroundings to developing a bond with their mother that can establish trust and comfort.  If you are able to spend those first crucial twelve weeks with your baby to help encourage brain development and bonding between you and your child, it is surely beneficial. It may not be for everyone and not everyone may choose to do so, but having the ability to encourage growth and development in your child without the stress and worry of returning to work can only be beneficial. Ultimately our children are the future and we should be putting the greatest amount of effort into their development, at all stages, whether they be an infant or a teen. Because in the end, they are the future and we should want to have healthy, well-developed, children! Our job as adults and those who are parents, are to help the youth grow and evolve. And family is ultimately where that starts.


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