How Sex Toys can INCREASE your intimacy!

I’m a huge fan of Dr. Sadie Allison. I think her books are fun, educational and give some great tips and tricks for both men and women. Not only do her books provide you with written information, but they also give you some illustrations on what exactly to do to please yourself or your partner!

There are a lot of women who resist using sex toys, or masturbation in general. The reasons are many, but I’m here to say…Masturbation is ok! In fact its really a healthy way to discover your own body and to know what works and what doesn’t. Plus its a sure fire way to protect yourself from STDs and unwanted pregnancy.

Now I can’t say much for men’s masturbation, as I lack a penis. But when it comes to masturbation in women, and using sex toys the options are endless! Whether you are incorporating sex toys solo or in your relationship, Learning how to please yourself is an excellent way to understand what works for you, so you can, in turn, tell your partner exactly what works!

One of the biggest objections I hear from women about sex toys is that they will replace their partner. Hell to the no! Does a vibrator kiss you? into your eyes? or whisper naughty somethings into your ears?? I don’t think so! A toy can never replace emotional intimacy or the sexual connection between two people. But a sex toy sure can bring you to an orgasm! Using sex toys solo can help you learn which angles, which speeds and what type of orgasms you have! Do you have clitoral? Vaginal? G-spot? Not all women know the difference or what they have when they orgasm! Using a sex toy  solo can help you to discover it! Want a hint?

Most women have clitoral orgasms! But you’ll never know unless you find out for yourself! 

Toys aren’t just for solo adventures! Partners can get in on the action too! Whether it be watching you use a toy on yourself or them using it on you! Or you using it on them! From dildo’s to Couples toys, sex toys are for the individual and couples alike.

My recommendation if you’ve never used a sex toy with a partner before? Start out small, with a bullet or a small vibrator. That way your partner can adjust to the vibrations and its not so intimidating.

Communication is key when it comes to introducing toys into the bedroom! Make sure you know what your partner is ok with and what makes them uncomfortable! You should be able to effectively communicate what you like and don’t like to avoid any uncomfortable situations or hurt feelings.  Include your partner in the selection! Go together to a toy store or browse a website for toys together! Just don’t forget the lube!

Knowing what you like and how to get there is a great resource for your relationship, it allows you to tell your partner exactly how to please you! Exploring that alone, or together can be fun!




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