Foreplay Fridays!

When I write my Friday post, its like my insides do a little happy dance because well its Friday and I know that I get to sleep in tomorrow! Plus it means I’m one week closer to seeing my boyfriend! As much as I love summer, I’m more than happy to hurry it up this year.  But in the mean time I’m going to enjoy the hopefully warm weather that is approaching and decorating my apartment! Gotta keep busy and having fun!

Speaking of FUN! I came across a concept that I thought would be GREAT for Foreplay Fridays! Because not only does it give couples an opportunity to really communicate with each other about their wants and desires, but it also can make for a pretty fun and erotic foreplay session!

Do you have a Sex Bucket List???

This bucket may not be sexy! But you sure can fill it up with sexy ideas!

This bucket may not be sexy! But you sure can fill it up with sexy ideas!

When I was thinking about it, I really dont. But I’m sure I could come up with somethings to develop a little list! Sometimes it can be hard for couples to communicate with each other about what they want. It can be challenging for some to say, “hey! I think it would be really awesome if we added a sex toy to the bedroom, or I’d like to try anal”, because there is a fear of rejection or a lack of confidence or the fear that your partner is going to judge you. Most people have those feelings at one point or another. But opening up to your partner can really benefit your relationship and your sex life!

So how can you turn your Sex Bucket List into a foreplay session??

Well write it together! Spend some alone time with your partner, light some candles, crack open a bottle of champagne and put some mood music on. Relax with you partner, no television, children, chores or stress. Even if its just for an hour or two at the end of the night. You don’t have to compile the list together, but take some time to each write out your lists. And don’t leave anything out! Your Sex Bucket list can be anything you want, whether it be a date night or a threesome. If its something you feel you’ve always wanted to try or if its something you feel is needed in your current sex life. When you’re done compiling your list, trade! You might be surprised! There’s a good chance your partner might want a lot of the same things!

Now that you’ve gotten yourself thinking about all the fun and sexy things you want to do, or have done to you…you might just be in the prime position for some sexy time!


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