Taboo Tuesday!

I came across this interesting little piece from the Red Eye in Chicago: Here about a woman who hadn’t purchased condoms…ever, until recently.  It got me thinking about my own experiences in buying condoms…which is well…pretty much zero.  Well that’s not exactly true. I have purchased condoms before, but not at the store, more for a promotional item that I give away to my customers. I’ve always had a stash in my nightstand that came from a variety of places, whether it be the doctors office, ones that a boyfriend had left over, I even once went to a safe sex party sponsored by Durex (a girlfriend hosted, Durex sent a whole bunch of goodies and she just had to pass out some info about using condoms and safe sex…it was actually fun!). But I’ve never actually gone into a store and purchased them. Not that I’m fearful of doing so, I just never needed to.

But what I love about the article from the RedEye is that the author, talks about how its important to share the responsibility. It really is, it is important for both partners to have protection available at any given time.  And in my opinion, its increadibly important for women to have protection at the ready no matter what. Even though we want to believe that our partners will be responsible and bring condoms along, its not always the case.  Sometimes they “convienently” forget, but they have no excuse when you’ve got them in your bedside table. Its not giving the guys a way out from buying them (because they should be too) but having them on hand, incase you’re in a pinch and your partner didn’t bring any along is always a good idea.

And if its weird to buy some at the pharmacy…my tip? Go to the grocery store and use the self check out! That way nobody is getting all up your business!

There are plenty of options out there, and knowing what you like and need is a important aspect of choosing the right condom.  There are ribbed condoms, lubricated, condoms with spermicide, condoms with fun features: they glow in the dark, flavored, warming, cooling, tingling etc. Know what you like, and if you have any sensitivities! I know many people who are allergic to spermicide. I personally can’t use the warming condoms as I have a bad reaction. And if all else fails buy a variety pack!

Happy Condom Shopping!


P.S. Stay tuned later this evening for my post on the Blush Box I received this month! (I gotta take some better photos…) When I get 500 Twitter followers, I’ll be hosting a giveaway!


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