July Blush Box Reveal!

If you remember, last month I ordered a Blush Box just to try it out, well silly me, I didn’t realize it was an ongoing subscription. So I got another one this month! My plan is to try the different subscription boxes, see which one I like the best. So far  I’m really impressed with the Blush Box, not only do you get some samples of different products, but you really do get some nice full size items as well!

Whats really cool about Blush Box (maybe its just my imagination…or its really their intention) is that the boxes have a theme! All the items in my box this month fit into a nice little Cherry category in one way or another! Down to the red tissue paper in the box! Its a nice touch, especially if you’re like me and like things to kinda all go together…

So what goodies did I score this month?!

image (10)


image (2)


I’m a lover of lipgloss and lipstick, so to my surprise I received a full size tube of red lipgloss from Bombshell Cosmetics in Hot Mess. Confidence is sexy and there’s nothing like a nice red lip to boost your confidence! Now after trying it out, its not as red as I expected, but more of a sheer red, it would be perfect overtop a red lipstick!

image (7)

Here’s a pic of the gloss and what it looks like on!

image (9)

You eat cherries, they’re delicious! Sweet and tangy and remind you 100% of summer. I got two, count them two cherry flavored edible items in my Blush Box this month!

I’m one of those women who are not exactly the biggest fan of the blow job. Actually I despise it. I can’t help it, I gag, I choke, no creams or gels really help….but thats not what puts me off. I’m a texture person, there are foods I refuse to eat due to their texture. And unfortunately a BJ is not a texture I enjoy, to me its like sucking on a big toe.  But I know some ladies who love it! More power to them! One of the items I received in this month’s Blush Box is a Oral Sex Candy! BJ Blast…in, of course, Cherry!  Kind of like rock candy, it fizzles and pops making a BJ a totally new feeling. Maybe if my mouth was popping away it would distract me from the texture! Do I venture a taste??

image (5)

I’ve never ever tried a pair of edible undies…but edible pasties?? Sign me up! Edible panties kind of give me the eeeeek feeling, and I pass (sugar and vaginas aren’t exactly a match made in heaven) Edible pasties however are a brilliant idea! And these are cute to boot!

image (3)

So far I’ve gotten a red lip gloss, a packet of BJ Blast Oral Sex Candy and some Cherry Flavored Cherry Pasties! What else could I possibly get????

Lube. Of course. An essential for everyone. I’ve had doubters before, but then they gave it a try…and now its a necessity ever time! I love me some lube, so of course I’ll be testing this one out myself. Uberlube is the sample I got, which is a company that boasts: a lubricant that: “Instead of being slippery, uberlube is designed to transfer sensation while reducing friction.” Its also used by many OB/GYNs which is nice to know that its backed by the medical field. So I’m eager to check it out!

image (8)

And last but not least, this months toy! One of my favorite toys to recommend (and buy) is a couples toy. Points for Blush Box sending me one this month! C-Rings are a great thing to add to the bedroom, because not only are they pleasurable for you but a lot of times (depending on the man and the toy) for men as well.  This is a nice little toy that is small, not very intimidating and I’m sure does its job!

image (6)


SO WHO WANTS THE C-RING!? I’m giving it away! Along with some lube of course! Follow me on Twitter and when I reach 500 followers I’ll be giving away the C-Ring and some Lube! Share away my friends!

**And don’t worry…eventually my photos will get better…I’m using my phone…


*The opinions of this post are my own, I was in no way compensated for the post.



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