Sex is good for your health!

There is more than likely a time in your life where sex is well…just not that appealing or you don’t have time or your its really at the bottom of the priority list. But having sex often can really do some amazing things not only for your relationship but your health as well! I mean what is better than having a good roll in the hay AND destress!? Plus maybe you can skip the trip to the gym? or indulge in that cookie you’ve been eyeing all day but are passing up on because of the calories….tempting right?

So what healthy things does having sex do for your hot bod?

Boosts your circulation! Get your heart a pumping with a little bit of pumping…if you catch my drift!

Boosts your mood. Whats the quote from Legally Blonde? Exercise gives you Endorphines and Endorphines make you happy! Yeah….sex does that too! It also boosts your oxytocin levels too…giving you that extra loving feeling.

Burns up some calories! There ain’t nothing wrong with that!

Every notice how relaxed you are and how you often doze right off after a nice sexual experience…sex can make you sleepy! perfect for before bedtime!

The more sex you have…the more you’re going to want it! You know how it gets easier to go without sex the longer you don’t have it…after 5 months of being long distance I barely noticed after awhile the lack of sex, it didnt really affect me at all…but after two weeks of vacation…the light was switched on!

Brings you closer to your partner! Sex can help you bond with your partner, you get to learn what they like, what turns them on and what hits the spot emotionally and physically. Plus sex is FUN! And having fun with your partner is a great part of any relationship!

So go out there and add some sexy time to your schedule…and then eat that cookie!


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