Taboo Tuesdays!

Do you hold out on sex? Not because you’re not in the mood, but because your partner pissed you off and holding out is your way of punishment? I hope not…because its really not a method to solve any problems.


Unfortunately it seems to be an easy route to getting what you want in a relationship, whether it be some task that needs to be done at home, or an emotional one. But holding out on sex is only going to hurt you and your relationship.

Sex shouldn’t be a form of punishment. (And yes I know, there’s BDSM and the like, that punishment is a normal aspect of the relationship and is consensual) However, in your normal, non-role play environment, using sex as a punishment can be damaging.  It can cause strain and adds a new problem to the mix instead of actually solving the original problem.

Sex is ultimately a way to show love, enjoyment, fun and intimacy with your partner. Using it for a form of punishment because they pissed you off, takes creates a negative atmosphere around it (whether you intend to or not)


So what can you do if your partner pisses you off instead of withholding sex?


Solve the problem, create a solution, talk it out. Because instead of avoiding the issue, holding out and most likely making it worse because now you’re holding out on something you probably both want…you can talk about it, and as a result have amazing makeup sex…because isn’t that the best kind sometimes??!?!



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