Foreplay Fridays!

Feeling confident and sexy is one of the first steps you take to having a banging (Pun intended!) foreplay session. If you don’t feel confident in how you look, or how you feel…it can definitely put a damper on the mood. But here are some of my great tips to get you feeling sexy and confident!


  • Shave your legs! Seems so silly, but when you do the whole shebang; exfoliate, shave, lotion, you are bound to get a little sexy pep in your step! I know for me, having silky legs always makes me feel confident!
  • Wear Red or your favorite outfit. You know that dress that just instantly makes you feel smokin hot? Slip into your favorite dress/outfit to give yourself a little confidence boost! Wearing the color red is also a fantastic option, in some studies, men (specifically) are more attracted to images of women wearing red than those who are not!
  • Put some makeup on! Add a little mascara and some lipstick or follow an online tutorial of how to do a sultry smokey eye. I rarely wear makeup nowadays and everytime I do its like a special treat just to make me feel a little sexier!
  • Drink water. Seems like its well not the sexiest thing around right? But drinking water can help de-bloat you. So if you’ve got a hot date later tonight, be sure to load up on the aqua today.  Plus staying hydrated will keep ALL your body parts hydrated (your Vagina needs some hydration too ladies!)
  • Slip into some high heels. Heels instantly elongate your legs (and I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t thing a woman in heels isnt sexy) If you’re not comfortable walking in high heels, take a few practice laps and stick with a lower hight heel. If you’re looking to make your legs look a million miles long, stick with pointed, nude stilettos with no ankle straps!
  • Try some candles, mood lighting and sultry music. It will certainly create a sexy vibe!
  • Invest in some sexy lingerie. Whether it be a matching bra and panty set or a full on corset, having an arsenal of lingerie in your closet is always a great thing to bust out when you’re ready to get in the mood!

Got some more tips on how to feel sexy and boost your confidence?? Share them in the Comments!


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