Taboo Tuesdays!

Perhaps we’ve all been there…whether the receiver…or the…dialer. You know…late night booty calls/texts. Or the drunk dials, which are by far the worst.  I used to be pretty terrible about it. I’ve learned some pretty harsh lessons in the past and have since then mended my ways. For the most part I don’t drink, or at least not nearly as much as I used to.  I’ve also become (as some of my friends call me) quite the grandma! I have all these grand intentions to go out, dance the night away like I did even 2-3 years ago…but by midnight, I’m practically falling asleep and can barely stand! And *Gasp* on weekdays…I’m in bed by 9:30!

Even though I’ve been in a relationship for awhile, I still get those random calls/texts from guys I had dated some time ago. And most of the time, I just hit delete, or ignore. Or polietly respond saying I’m happily in a serious relationship. But then there are those…that just. don’t. get. the. hint. 3-4 calls in the middle of the night (say 4am) multiple text messages and consistently once a week…for weeks. I’ve given my many responses…I have a boyfriend, I don’t go out during the week, I’m not interested…etc. But alas, never fails, I get another call each week.

As someone who has been very guilty of doing the drunk dials in the middle of the night…here’s what I learned.

*If in the morning you see you made X amount of calls…maybe its a good idea to cut back on the alcohol.

*Assign a sober friend to confiscate your phone when you start getting to the edge of crazy.

*Learn your limits! Know how many drinks you can drink before you get wild.

*If you know the person is no longer interested or hasn’t responded…delete their number. Or change the name to something else…like DO NOT CALL.

*If you know its certain groups of people who get you to that drunken state…maybe stay clear! (this was one of my downfalls, I limited my interaction or made sure I stayed sober)

*Turn your phone off after a certain time during the night. Know you make drunk calls at 3am…turn off your phone at 2am.

*Call it an early night. Seems lame, but it really does help. If I know I’m going home at 1am, I tend to drink less, which results in less calls/texts.

*Eat while you’re drinking, this is a no brainer, as well as drinking water. Making sure you don’t get schwasted will prevent those ugly calls/texts.

Even though I’m still 100% guilty of those drunken texts. Usually its an I love you or an I miss you. Or a funny text to my sister, I’ve gotten much much better, because I’ve really monitored my drinking. Plus I look at myself the next day…and I’m in so much pain from the nasty hangover…I never want to drink ever anyways.


Got some good tips to avoid those drunken calls? Or how do you fend off the boot call texts in the middle of the night?



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