The Dreaded Dry Spell doesn’t have to be all that bad….

I’m sure we’ve all been there. Those long dry spells, where there’s really nothing happening in the bedroom. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, they happen. (Not for everyone, or every relationship, but most people have experienced it in one way or another)  But having a dry spell doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. And it doesn’t mean that your relationship is lacking either.

Even though sex is a great stress reliever, can help you to relax, and make you feel great over all. Sometimes a little break can help you to invigorate the passion you have with your partner. Or for those of us in long distance relationships, it can be weeks or months between visits, so a drought is likely.

So how do you make the best of a period of no sex? So that when you are back into your normal sex routine its the best?


Spend sometime reflecting on why you’re in a dry spell! Are you single, but don’t want to just sleep with anyone? In a relationship and just have had so much going on sex is the last thing on your mind? In a long distance relationshp and its going to be a bit before you see your partner? Maybe its health reasons? or maybe its just personal. What ever the reason is, be sure to understand it! If you are unhappy with being in a dry spell then make a change so that you can get right out of there!

So if you’re single and maybe your sex life is not so happening, get yourself out there! Try online dating, join some groups ( is a great place to find some new activities), go out with friends in groups of guys and girls. The more you put yourself out there the more opportunities you have to meet someone! Don’t be on the hunt, but if you open yourself up to the different possibilities, your door to some great sex might just open up!

If you’re in a relationship and things are put on the back burner. If you’re purposely avoiding sex, it might be a time to take a look at why you are. If you’re both just busy and haven’t had the time, and you’re both ok with it, take that time to better yourself! (this actually goes for anyone, in any situation) Whether it be finding some time to get into shape, eating healthy or even getting a hair cut or giving yourself a makeover. Do something that makes you feel great about yourself! Your confidence may inspire some action in the bedroom!  If you’re not happy with your current sex situation, schedule it in. Make time for it!

If you’re in a LDR, this is the time to spend with some friends, better yourself and do somethings you enjoy on your own. Work on your relationship without the sex (it’ll be better if you do!) and when you’re together, the sex will be spot on.


So how do you deal with a dry spell?


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