Foreplay Fridays: Feng Shui your Bedroom for Romance!

Having a harmonious bedroom, that is relaxing, inviting and perfect romance can definitely help boost the mood! And even if its chaos for most of the week with clothes tossed on the floor and your nightstands cluttered with cell phones, work and whatnot, its important to take some time occasionally to give your bedroom a little lift. It doesn’t even have to cost you any money! You can Feng Shui what you already have or add little things to enhance the mood!  ***I am by no means a feng shui expert, and this could be wrong or right…I just found this info on the internet…although I like the concepts of Feng Shui and I think your moods/emotions and energy can certainly be affected by the colors and surroundings in your home!***

Here’s some Feng Shui tips I found from


  • Your bed shouldn’t be directly in line with the door and should be balanced on both sides to help facilitate balance in the relationship. Have a good supportive headboard and avoid keeping storage under the bed.
  • Colors should be a reflection of your partner and your elements. Which you can discover by checking out this Birth Chart. I’m a wood element so browns and greens but also blues because water nourishes wood. (luckily for me, my apartment is filled with blues!)
  • Candles are the best source of lighting for bedrooms as they provide a warm, nourishing light. (and they’re romantic, perfect for setting the mood)
  • Try some sensual, relaxing art work and focus on a bed that is inviting and comfortable.

Here are some of my own tips for making a romantic space.

We think of red as a romantic colors, but red is not always the easiest to sleep around. Try red accents, maybe a red candle or a lighter shade suchs as a pink pillow or pink and red throughout a piece of art.

Keep the TV out of the bedroom. Its a hard one, I know. But having the TV in the bedroom is distracting. The bedroom is for sleeping, relaxing and romance! Not a whole lot is romantic about a big LCD TV screen…

Satin or satin like sheets feel great on the skin and instantly trigger sensual thoughts. Maybe not for everyday, but if you know its going to be a big night try switching out to some satin sheets.  I actually love the microfiber sheets from Target, they have a satin-y feel to them and are much more suitable for every day use!

I agree candles can definitely make the mood, but also some soft music, and some sensual incense can also create a really romantic vibe!


What other suggestions do you have to amp up the romance in your bedroom?



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