Taboo Tuesdays!

Tall, dark and handsome.  Fit, lean and blonde. Curvy, brunette with brown eyes. Redhead with green eyes and legs for days. People with tattoos, people with piercings, dark hair, light hair, light eyes, dark eyes. A rainbow of beautiful skin colors. Men, Women, Transgendered.   Everyone has different things they are attracted to.  Even though whats attractive to me isn’t attractive to someone else. Or when you see someone walking down the street and you think, Wow! How are those two together!? Everyone has their own story, and perhaps their own type.

I used to think, and tell everyone. Ohhhh I don’t have a type! Not me, I just like them tall! But when I was single…I realized I really did have a type. Not only did I like them tall, but also with dark features. I went against the grain for a good portion of my single life dating everyone that was the exact opposite of my ex.  But after awhile I realized, why am I doing that. Were these men attractive? Oh yes! But was I really attracted to them? Yes and no. I think in general I was attracted to the sense that they were something different from what I was used to. But then I decided I didn’t want to just settle for someone because it was the opposite of my past. I wanted to be attracted to someone physically, mentally and emotionally.  Once I went back to let go of trying so hard to find someone opposite of my ex, I was much happier in my dating life. I felt I found more men that I genuinely liked.

I never wanted to have a type because I didn’t want to seem shallow. But then after a good long meditatio on it, I realized its not shallow, its knowing what I like and what I want. It applies to a lot of things. I know when I was job hunting, I didn’t want to settle for some mediocre job that wasn’t going to do anything for me. I waited it out until I found job that paid me right, taught me something and opened up opportunities for the future.

I opened my horizons and tried new things when I was dating. Which was great, and needed. I didn’t limit myself. But after awhile I realized that I liked what I liked and it turned out better when I went with someone who was my “type”.

So do you think a type is a good thing or a bad thing? Do you have a type?


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