Foreplay Fridays: August Subscription Box Review

Well I’m doing a combo Foreplay Friday post! (didn’t think I forgot about that Spicy Subscription box did you!?) Reason why I’ll be combining today and doing my FF post as a subscription box review is because one of the items I got in my box is totally a perfect FF item!

I opted for the Deluxe Spicy Subscription box because for only a few additional dollars you get a few more big items! Total score!

When I got home and saw my package I couldn’t believe it! Talk about a HUGE subscription box! I was suprised and couldn’t wait to see what was in such a large package!

Not only did I get a nice sized toy, I also received a romantic Scavanger Hunt, some samples of Lube and an flavored oral gel!


Pink and Gun Oil are really popular lubricants. I personally haven’t tried them out, but I’m eager to test them out!


Passion Fruit! And specifically designed for the boys.


Retailed at 24.99 and is a pretty good size. Not too big, not too small!

scavhunt fortunes

So The Pleasure Hunt was what made my package so big! Filled with those little balls you get from Gumball machines each ball contains a few different instructions on the little slips. Hide them around your bedroom or your house and when you’re partner finds them you can perform the acts in the ball! Super cute idea! And makes for a fun evening or a lazy Sunday!


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