Its been a really long week…

It has truly been a long week for me. Between heading back to Michigan for the funeral service for my Grandmother and dropping my sister off at the airport before dawn and then going to work. I’m really happy to be able to have a day or two to decompress. 

Starting this weekend I’ll be working on some new content, chatting with my friend about the re-branding/design of the blog and hopefully get a plan together to start the change. As I’ve said before, I’ll still have lots of sexual health related info but I’ve had quite a few requests from readers for more general health and wellness info, healthy recipes etc. And I’ve been itching to include some design/decor/fashion as well (although not all of that is my area of expertise, thats where my totally fashionable friend comes in). 

So if you’re able to stick around with me through the transition, I hope that I can inspire more people to live healthier, happier (and sexier) lives! 

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