Foreplay Friday!

How often do you go out on a real date with your partner? Once a week? Multiple times? When you think about what dating is and what it does for a relationship it varies depending on what stage you are in your relationship.

When you first start dating someone new its all about getting to know each other. Seeing if you actually like them; mentally, physically, emotionally. If you’re compatible with each other and if you have a romantic chemistry. Remember that time when a guy actually asked me at the end of our date if there was a Spark ?!? Absolutely the most awkward thing ever.

autumn-in-moscow-1433556-2-mAs time goes on and you get into a routine of seeing each other regularly, commit to each other dating often times gets put on the back burner. But a lot of times when you do go on a date it means that sex is most likely going to happen (unless you drink a whole bottle of wine and pass out before you even get home! Been there done that!) at the end. Or its a really special occasion. I know for me, when I do get the opportunity to go on a date with my boyfriend I take a little extra time to jazz myself up!  I shave my legs, wear makeup and try to dress cute! Because dates to me are something special that don’t happen often, especially now that we’re 6000 miles apart.

Dates don’t have to be ultra romantic where you go to a fancy dinner they can be fun too (and still romantic!) So in honor of dating and the upcoming fall season and since dating your partner is the perfect way to spice up your relationship. I’ll be featuring some fun and romantic fall date ideas!

So here I am toting about how dates jazz up your love life. and I’m going to go right ahead and suggest a group date. Well it could be either a date date or a group date or just something fun to do with your friends.

Go to a corn maze!


Search in your area for a corn maze during the fall season. They’re actually pretty fun. Here in Illinois there is a really big one that has challenges that you need to complete for a cheesey certificate at the end. I went last year with some friends and my friends have made it an annual get together each year. But it really is a great idea for a date.

Here are my suggestions for corn maze success:

  • Find one with a challenge, not only are they fun but it allows you to work together. And a little competition reeds-1436094-1-mnever hurt anyone (if you’re going with other couples/friends)
  • Go at night. Its a little spooky but bundle up and bring flashlights. Because when you’re freaked out you can cling to each other.
  • Make sure the place has food/drink offerings. The one I went to had an orchard so they had hot apple cider (which I couldn’t have of course) and snacks to eat before and after we completed the maze.
  • If its just the two of you and you’ve got to drive a ways to get to the maze, make a weekend out of it! Find a cute little bed and breakfast near by and have a romantic little fall getaway!

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