FitBit, Broccoli and Your Sex Life

Its been a “get yourself together” kinda of time for me. Between getting myself healthy (I’ve been on a two month streak of not getting some form of bronchitis) and getting my finances healthy. I’m doing not so shabby!

I talked a little bit last week about how important it is to eat breakfast. I still struggle with it because I usually opt for sleep over eating breakfast. But I try to bring a little something with me when I head to work whether it be a peach or english muffin with cream cheese. And now with my strict one lunch out a week, I’ve gotta come up with creative, tasty, healthy and low calorie ideas for dinner/lunch to bring in with me.  Its a challenge I’m ready to tackle!

About a month ago I bought a FitBit Flex and I just have to say…I’m obsessed. I really wanted the Tory Burch metal bracelet…but did not want to shell out $200.

The FitBit has DRAMATICALLY changed my life.

I hate working out. No matter what I try…Pure Barre, yoga, trainers, gym memberships…I end up quiting half way through. The trainer I didn’t and I saw huge improvements but that got expensive! Even the Hot Yoga, which I do like, I got so side tracked with everything going on with my grandmother…I wasted 4 weeks of unlimited classes.  But the FitBit for some reason makes me feel super guilty about not reaching the 10,000 steps a day. Since I got it, I take the train to work which requires me to walk a little under a mile to and from work. I don’t hit my 10,000 steps in just that trip so taking the dogs for a walk or doing other things after work usually bring me up. But I average about 7,000-8,000 steps a day. Somedays I want to be lazy and take the bus…but then I look at my wrist and see that blaring turquoise bracelet and instantly feel guilty. Not to mention the success I’ve seen really motivates me.

I bought my FitBit in July and I wear it every day. In that timespan, I’ve lost 2 inches from my waste and went from a sometimes an 8 and a sometimes a 6, to a straight 6 all the time. Although I don’t contribute that to just the FitBit…I’ve also been religiously using MyFitnessPal to track my calories. Between the two things, I’m opting for healthier options just to keep my calories around 1200 and trying to be sure to get my steps in! I stopped drinking pop (I’m from Michigan, we say POP, don’t argue with me about it, thats the way it is) and drink water exclusively (my skin is thanking me!). My fridge is filled with fresh fruits, veggies and protein…no junk food, no sweets, no processed crap.

All this sounds great right!? Well one down side is I’m crazy lazy. When I get home the last thing I want to do is (a) wash all the freaking dishes that are currently residing in my sink (b) prep a meal that will take a ton of time (c) cook said meal. Sad thing is, I do love to cook….what keeps me from doing it all the the??? Those pesky dishes. Not having a dishwasher blows a big one.

To solve my lazy problem, my go to is roasted veggies. If I’m on my game that week, I’ll prep my veggies right after I buy them. But in the case I’m not? Chopping up some broccoli is easier than trying to figure out what to eat for dinner. And the roasted broccoli I make is the bomb dot com. I can’t claim credit for it, as I found the recipe on pinterest ages ago but there are also about 100 different pins of the same recipe…so I’m just going to tell ya how I’m make it…because I’m an eyeballer…I just toss things in all willy nilly.

The first time I made this broccoli it was actually for my boyfriend when we first started dating. He came over and I cooked dinner. Me and my broccoli won him over…obviously. Even better…he cooks his broccoli this way too now. Its love! (of broccoli and each other!)

Super Tasty Broccoli, that will put all other broccoli to shame. (and you’ll never want to make it any other way)

**I totally didn’t have a lemon and it was too late to get one when I was taking the photos! The lemon is the most important part!***


Some Broccoli chopped up into smaller pieces.

Garlic Salt

Olive Oil

Lemon Juice

Parm Cheese (optional)



Depending on what else I’m making I determine how much broccoli. If its all I’m eating I usually do two bunches. Chop those babies up! I line a cookie sheet with some tin foil (in hopes that the oil won’t leak through and I don’t have to wash the pan). And spread out my broccoli all over. Drizzle some olive oil all over (not too much though). Drizzle some lemon juice all over too. Make sure the broccoli is wet but not sitting in puddles of lemon juice. I’ve found that one half of a lemon is sufficient if you’re using fresh lemons. I usually use bottled lemon juice…so I eyeball it. Sprinkle garlic salt over making sure there’s a little on all the broccoli (but not too much! Or else it’ll be too salty!)  If you’re feeling it, toss some parm cheese on there too. I typically don’t because I dont buy grated cheese and having to clean the cheese grater is annoying as shit.


Here’s the tricky part. I have no way to measure the temperature on my oven. Soooo…I just turn it all the way and wait until the broccoli are done. Usually like 7 minutes or so. I really need to buy a oven thermometer. My lack of knowing what temperature my oven is turned on to…has resulted in many a burned meals.


The lemon on the broccoli is great. It adds a crispy, fresh taste to it which I never thought would be so delicious. But it is. And its ultra healthy!  Not only for your body…but your sex life! Yep I said it. Broccoli is good for your sex life! 



Broccoli has been known to be associated with female libido. And is a filled with vitamin C which helps boost blood circulation which is EXACTLY what you want for great sexual functioning and sexual health. The Dairy Council of California  gives you the run down of all the goodies in broccoli. Not only is it filled with nutrients, its also a fiber, which help promote digestive health. Good Digestive Health = Good Immune System. Good Immune System = not feeling snotty and icky and feeling sexy and great!


If you’re in a pinch for a quick veggie side or if you are too lazy to cook (like me) or if you’re looking to add some foods to your diet that can help promote sexual health. Try some broccoli!



Opinions of Fitbit are my own. All photos are copyright of The O Guide. 


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