Buenos Aires Adventures! Finally a Re-Cap

Hey! Remember that time that I talked about how I went to Buenos Aires (like every day for a month in June?!?) I realized…I never shared my adventures. Mostly because I wasn’t thinking about expanding the blog but since I’m doing that…well lucky you! You get to see some snaps from my trip!

Buenos Aires is beautiful. Never in my life would I have ever thought to go to South America, let alone Buenos Aires. But love can bring you to some amazing places! I’ve always thought of myself as a Europe girl through and through. I’ve, yes, always wanted to go to Thailand, Austrailia and South Africa, but Europe is ultimately where I thought I would end up living, Specifically England or possibly Germany. I love the South of France and wasn’t the biggest fan of Paris. (maybe now I’ll be favorable towards it since I have friends there). South America just never crossed my mind. Beyond knowing a little bit about Brazil and Peru, South America just made me think of the Amazon and lots of nature…not too many big cities like Europe.

But I was suprised! I love it! I can’t wait to go back, to go to the wine country, eat more delicious food and see some more breathtaking places across Argentina! 

**Sorry if some of the pics are blurry…they clearly look clearer on my phone!***

Through tireless research about Buenos Aires and where/what I wanted to see in my 20 day trip. My number one was El Ateneo. Ohhhh yes…book-gasms. Listed as one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world, El Ateneo was built in a theater. You can even have coffee in the little cafe on the stage!  It was gorgeous, and even though I couldn’t read anything since I don’t speak a lick of Spanish. Books. Are. My. Favorites. (besides shoes…and clothes…)


Another thing on the top of my list was the Recoleta Cemetary. Sounds weird and creepy right? Probably one of the most famous things in Buenos Aires. You have to go. Evita Peron is buried there. Its like a maze of little crypts beautifully sculpted and designed and some hundreds of years old.  It was an absolutely beautiful day when we went too. And eerily peaceful.

10404024_707687069291909_4546077791640285508_o 10404024_707687065958576_5598878858595508803_o 10387068_707689092625040_496287144542821333_o 10387068_707689082625041_4638926221302189950_o 10380005_707688072625142_7577491743751655933_o 10368852_707690205958262_8014027715877403762_o 10368852_707690202624929_6742533117471569741_o 10368852_707690199291596_3752276906327276718_o

Caminito in the La Boca neighborhood was also on my list. All the buildings (as our taxi driver told my bf) were built from the ships that landed here filled with Italian immigrants. They’re painted different colors because all the ships were different colors.  There were Italian restuarants, lots of tourist shops and Gaucho and Argentine Tango Dancers up and down the streets. Definitely the most touristy out of all the spots we went to.


Those are scupltures of Maradona (the soccer GOD of Argentina), Evita Peron and I forget who the last one is…


10382853_707715295955753_4850498796176292690_n 10374977_707715499289066_3707167667711550485_n 10337707_707715589289057_8612732981220028190_n 10325179_707715449289071_2902050601202861291_n 10314607_707715559289060_257021075728473667_n 10310110_707715419289074_827188441108022104_n 10277476_707715309289085_6869219008072222037_n 10276005_707715622622387_1625949314389591511_n

The parks in Buenos Aires are plentiful and beautiful! Throughout my research I knew I wanted to see the Paseo del Rosedal, a gorgeous rose garden planted right in Palermo. Another beautiful day for a walk but unfortunately since it was Fall when I went…not many roses were in bloom. But it was still beautiful and filled with geese (who chased us down for treats!)

10363265_707708149289801_3460661576644650296_n 10361402_707708482623101_3325539135796110998_n 10330314_707708599289756_5322413739121400764_n 10155203_707709115956371_4597450342788937915_n

Japanese Gardens in Buenos Aires? Weird but true. There were actually quite a few Asian locals and spots all throughout. When you walk down the residental streets there are little grocery shops. According to the BF the different colors of the gates represent different Asian groups…he didn’t know which color meant what but they were everywhere…I felt like I was home!


La Casa Rosa. Its pink. Thats the coolest part.


Another day wandering around Palermo and Recoleta (these are the fancy schmancy neighborhoods)


This tree was absolutely massive.


So Huge that there were giant posts installed to hold the branches up!


Some weird floral sculpture. I think its solar powered so it opens up depending on the time of day.


The parks were filled with art everywhere!


Smack dab in the middle of one of the parks there was a national art museum. Offf course we went in! (did you know I almost majored in Art History instead of just plain ol’ history???)

10415637_707716915955591_6747510835400610975_n 10325789_707716895955593_4984050876654666121_n 10152423_707716945955588_4966667336558053995_n 1901129_707716872622262_6188912493571084884_n 1512465_707716852622264_8317885613413887641_n

Also in Palermo…the Race track! Neither of us have ever been (and I’m deathly allergic to horses) But hey! You’re only on vacation once and awhile! We listed to the older gentlemen who were in line placing their bets and placed our own. We literally bet the same way the guy ahead of us did. We lost. But at least the food at the club was delicious!

1554475_707709312623018_3301090255858775914_n 10356155_707709192623030_7208669922255567384_n

Balconies are common in Buenos Aires so we had lots of morning coffees on the balcony.


My cheesy boyfriend decided that it was a requirement for me to take a photo in front of the graffiti. Here in Chicago (or the States in general) Tagging is against the law, you can get arrested or fined big time. But in Buenos Aires its everywhere. Every building is tagged…and no one cares!


This was at the Airport when I was leaving 😦 sad day. But they’re building a train system underneath a mountain I believe from Chile to Argentina.  It was pretty cool.


Now for the absolutely best part (except spending two and a half blissful weeks with the love of my life).


If we had decided to stay in Argentina…I would come back to the States for visits extremely overweight. Not only is the food absolutely amazing but they feed you enough to feed your whole family. Pasta, Pizza and Steak (and of course Malbec) are stables in the Argentine’s diet. Nothing spicy and lots of yummy deliciousness.


Nothing better than the breakfast pasteries…Its a shame I can’t find a suitable bakery here in Chicago.


Dulce De Leche anyone??? Wrapped in flakey dough…delicious.


This was my FAVORITE meal out of everything we ate. A little cafe in Recoletta that my BF used to come to with his Dad every Sunday. Even the waiter recognized him!


Ham & Cheese Crossaints for breakfast almost every day from our favorite little breakfast cafe in the neighborhood.


Fresh from the butcher! Better cuts than anywhere I’ve ever seen and a total of like $6 we had two more on top of it!


Who does it better? Italians or Argentines…I’ve had both. They’re both Amazing.


so much steak. If you’re going to go to Argentina you’ve gotta like meat.


Ice Cream Sunday. Enough Said. I loved this little place too! A water color artist came around selling his paintings for $2 a piece!

10402677_707717152622234_1540469726882860050_n 10152423_707716779288938_2771287218398984032_n

The Pasta, Steaks, Pizza and Ice Cream are outta this world…but oh Argentina Why is your coffe sooooooo good. Starbucks doesn’t have anything on you! (And we totally went to Starbucks…this was better)

10337754_707711365956146_4544433960409264485_n 10356153_707716669288949_1950325485659288807_n


Not a true Malbec but my favorite (so much so that we went to the store and bought more) And I’ll be requesting a bottle when my BF comes up for his visit!


Cool weather, delicious food, beautiful parks. Argentina won my heart! And one super handsome Argentinian hunk of a man!



5 thoughts on “Buenos Aires Adventures! Finally a Re-Cap

  1. Hi! I followed you from Pretty Mayhem link-up party. I spent 1 month in Buenos Aires recently in May. Looks like you found all the best places to go to!! I loved the Reloceta Cemetery too (so much I went there twice)! And also omg that bookstore was the most beautiful one I’ve EVER seen! I love books too!

    I actually didn’t love Buenos Aires, but your post is definitely making me miss it a little bit. The food was amazing! Didn’t you just love those alfajor cookies?! Mmmmm I could use about a dozen of those right now! And I loved how there was a pastry shop or an ice cream store every 10 feet!

    • I bet we were there around the same time! I was there for most of may actually! Almost a month! I don’t have a big sweet tooth so the alfajores weren’t my favorite but I did love the medilunas! I loved the Empanadas so much I had to make them myself!!! My boyfriend is still there, luckily for us, we’ll be visiting Buenos Aires probably regularly to see his parents!

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