I’m holding on to Summer, with a Cucumber Salad!

Even though summer is over (officially now) I’m always looking for quick, easy and light ways to add a refreshing salad to my diet. Now I love a great chopped salad and I used to always operate at the mentality that salads were the healthiest option when dining out or instead of high calorie options like a pasta with no cheese/sauce.

But then one day (right around when I started using MyFitnessPal) I had a salad for lunch from a local caterer (YAY FREE LUNCH!) Lucky for me it happened to be from a catering company that listed its full nutritional values for its menu items. Not a lot of places do that so I end up having to calculate it, create a menu item or just guess.  When I found my little salad box lunch I was down right floored. 

1600 calories in my little lunch. Now yes that included the little fruit cup, the bag of potato chips and the cookie (which was about 400 calories and I didn’t eat) but still 1200 calories??! For a SALAD.

After that I tend to steer clear of salads and opt for healthier (less caloric options) like chicken and veggies or salmon etc. But this little ditty is by far the healthiest option for a salad! As it doesn’t have any of the icky stuff that adds up!

I found the original recipe on The Garden Grazer but mine is a little more simple. I thought about adding Feta or Goat cheese crumbles but didn’t have any in my fridge.


Cucumber Salad

1 Medium Cucumber

1/2 a Red Onion

Grape Tomatoes (5-10 depending on preference, sliced into halves and quarters)

Red Wine Vinegar (eyeball it but a good coating)




Slice and Dice, toss together and mix up with Red Wine Vinegar and salt. You can add cheese, herbs or other veggies like peppers and what not to give it a little kick. This was quite a bit of salad actually and it made for either one really big one or split up into two nice sized ones for lunch. Just don’t forget your breath mints!


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