Shopping for Fall!

I failed my shopping budget for September. I went over by $70! Although I’m still pretty proud of myself considering I’ve never set a budget for myself before and I still cut my spending in half. Which in itself is an accomplishment. I also have to take into consideration that I didn’t start my budget until halfway into the month, I had already spent a good portion of my budget before I even started. So now starting in October it will hopefully be a little easier to manage. Although…I’ll be attending the Gilt Warehouse Sale here in Chicago on the 18th (so excited I’ve been waiting to go since April and last time I didn’t get tickets in time, but this time! Boom. 9AM entry!)…so I gotta save my budget for that and I’m going to be looking for specific items. Not just willy nilly shopping like I normally do.
Even though I went over my budget by $70 I was able to cross two items off my list of things I want/need. I’ve been hunting for a pair of strappy black pumps for awhile. I wasn’t quite ready to cave and buy the Steve Madden Stecy pumps for $80. They were ultimately the ones I wanted and I was just patiently waiting for them to go on sale. But I happened to stop into Akira because low and behold! Clearance shoes were an additional 50% off! Score! I figured it couldn’t hurt a gander since most of the items on my list were shoes. What did I see! The Steve Madden Stecy’s in Black.  On Sale. For $51..and an extra 50% off. Talk about lucky day! All this talk about those pumps…and guess what. Didn’t buy them. I like them alot, but I’m very self concious about my feet. Almost 2 years working at a casino which required me to wear 2in heels at all times and walking miles every day absolutely destroyed my feet. I have huge bunions which cause incredible pain and make my feet wide. Strappy shoes sometimes look funny. The Steve Madden’s hit in just the right spot to enhance my bunion. I still want the nude ones though because the nude blends a little and they really are a staple for your shoe closet. Instead I found these little guys!
They originally were $100, marked down to $67 and then the extra 50% off so they ended up being only $33.50! Score! They’re BCBGeneration and they’re a lower heel which I like/need after I sprained my ankle last year. (I am STILL suffering from it and have not 100% recovered…nor will I ever according to the podiatrist)  Combined with the shorter heel, they’ve got the ankle support which is perfect for me and the band around the toes is a little wider so it distracts you from my ugly bunions. (one of these days I’ll post on what I’ve been trying to do to help correct those without surgery).
The rarity of me buying something full price is slim. Like super slim (unless its something I absolutely need but even then I try to find a coupon). I don’t even look at full price things…ever. But I have been pining after a pair of Tom’s booties for awhile. I even tried some other brands and contemplated getting them. But I really do like the idea behind Tom’s and they’re shoes are pretty comfy. I scored a pair of sandals at the beginning of summer for $25 and I’ve been hooked.  I decided to try them on just to see. My feet were in love. They. Are. Comfortable.
Initially I wanted the chestnut color, but Akira didn’t have them. And clearly the sales girl was clueless about how many different options there were considering she told me they didn’t make them in that color… 😡  Because they sure do and they have leopard print ones and herringbone ones and grey ones and all kinds of colors!  Anyways…I digress… Despite my lack of desire to pay full price for a pair of shoes to which I know some way, some how, I could get them for less. I was already planning outfits around them. I knew I had to get them. Hence why I went over my budget. But these babies are versatile! I can really wear them with everything.  So even though they were full price, and almost $100 after taxes (thanks stupid high Chicago Sales tax!) They will be well worth the money as I’ll be wearing them all the time. The last time I paid full price for a pair of shoes (A pair of peep-toe Jeffrey Campbell wedges) was awhile back but I wear those babies with everything. They’re literally my favorite pair of shoes (even more than the $700 Guiseppe Zanotti Pumps I got for my birthday from my boyfriend {got them way on sale!}) So my shopping trip was worth going over budget for.
So I crossed two things off my list, and now I’ve got to tackle a few more things over the next couple months. While trying to keep my budget in mind and still find myself a chair for a desk.  I always wanted to figure out how fashion bloggers put together those little collages and what not and I thought wow those girls got mad photoshop skills. It apparently is much easier. Thanks Polyvore! Put together my little list (visually) and could post right to my blog! Win win! If you can’t tell alot of the things I want are shoes. Even though my ankle is not 100% I’ve got a closet filled with sandals and black flats. Not much in the way of boots or winter shoes. And I never shop at J Crew but I’m obsessed with that blazer and the jacket…coupon gods come to me! (I do not want to spend $200 on a blazer) And I’ve been equally obsessed with American Eagle lately…brings me back to my High School days. But I’m loving their flannel/plaid shirts and their Jegging Length shirts are great for us tall girls out there. I finally bought my polka dot chambray shirt from there, but since I have crazy long arms I’m forced to only wear it rolled up (which most of their shirts I will have to do) Anyone got any good places to buy shirts for tall ladies??? And I’m dying for those black boots! I’m waiting for my coupon to come so I can order those babies up! Perfect for fall!
I saw a few photos of some bloggers out there with a Zara Plaid Blanket Scarf. And I fell hard. I want it. But they don’t make it anymore (well they do but not in the red plaid, its Orange now). Then I started thinking hard about it. I know I certainly do not want orange. I think I own 2 orange pieces so it wouldn’t really go. A lot of the time I wear either black, grey, blue, white or pink (lots of variety yeah?). I absolutely love the one pictured below (as its based on the original Zara scarf) but I’m wondering if a black/white or black/blue one would be more suited for me. Opinions? I know I want a gigantic one as its perfect as a blanket for the office! And if we get another Polar Vortex this year, which they are predicting we will, it will be good coverage.
Once I tackle a few of these items off my list (easily doable) I’ll of course be adding some more as my sweater collection is virtually non existant and I could use some classic crew neck/v-neck sweaters.
So what goodies are you looking to buy this fall???
Fall Shopping List


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