September Spicy Subscription Box Review

It took me awhile to get to photographing my Spicy Subscription box this month, it actually took its sweet time getting to me this time around and then I was even slower to get to it. I was busy cooking up a storm last weekend!!  But now that I took some jazzy pics (I’m still working on my skillllzzzz) I’ll share with you what I received! And perhaps a Giveaway???? Whatcha think???

This month’s box was not nearly as HUGE as Last Month’s but none the less I was impressed with the full size products I received.




This month I got two HUGE bottles of product from Body Boudoir. A Body Oil in a Strawberry Scent (which contains Pheromones Hey! Hey!!) and a Lubricant in Pomegranate. Plus a G-Spot Vibrator and two samples of lubricant.


Those bottles are gigantic. I think in order for one to use up that bottle of Lube you’d have to use it multiple times a day, every day of the week for at least a few months…its a lot of freaking lube.


Overall I think it was a pleasant surprise to get two large products in my box this month! Although, anyone who knows me knows that I am not a fruity scent type of girl. The lube in a fruity flavor/scent is always ok but in general for products like a body oil I stick to more light scents (think green tea, floral, aloe scents). You may see these babies in a giveaway, as my collection of lube is growing and going no where…ahhh the downside of a Long Distance Relationship.


More Lube to add to the collection. This I was disappointed with. Last month I got almost the SAME EXACT lubricant samples in my box. Not impressed with that at all. I would be happier with a little bit of variety. And I’ve actually received these lubricants as samples in other boxes as well. Womp Womp.


The most simple G-Spot vibrator quite possibly known to man! Sometimes simple does the job! No complaints about this easy to use toy. But it did come with no packaging.  Which to me is a big no no. This is an item that is for a very sensitive area of the body and definitely should be sterile upon arrival. Was a little disappointed in that with Spicy Subscriptions.

So over the last 4 months I’ve purchased 4 boxes from two different companies. Blush Box and Spicy Subscriptions. Both have their pros and cons. Blush Box overall is a prettier set, comes in a theme each month (which I love) and the quality is pretty good (the first one I got a JimmyJane vibrator set!) but the one I bought only came with one full sized product (you can get more if you pay more).  Spicy Subscriptions you get a few full size products for $34.95 and a few samples (which I got duplicates of). I think the products I received although, large and some were pretty cool (the sexy scavenger hunt game) they seemed to be pretty generic items.

So if I had to choose between the two…I think I would certainly go for the BlushBox. I think I overall liked the vibe of Blush Box compared to the Spicy Subscriptions.

Have you ever gotten an adult themed subscription box? What did you think???


Comment if you want me to do a giveaway!!!

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