Foreplay Fridays! Fall Date Idea!

The last two of my Foreplay Friday Fall Date Ideas were outside adventures. I don’t like nature, I’m not outdoorsy and I don’t do cold. Although I did do the Corn Maze last year and it was super fun, but damn that shit was cold! This time around I’m giving you an INSIDE idea! Complete with blankets, snuggles and prime opportunity to get busy!

Have your own little indoor movie night, complete with candles, movie treats, blankets lots of pillows and a fire (if you’ve got one, if not just pretend! Or turn up the heat haha)



Send the kids to Grandma’s or a for a sleepover at a friends and take the opportunity to pick some of your favorite movie and set up a whole pillow bed on the floor. When was the last time you made a fort? Think of it as a fun way to do something different, have fun and get close to your partner. Snuggle anyone? With pillows, blankets, spiked hot chocolate, popcorn, treats and perhaps a romantic (or scary if thats your thing) cuddle up with your partner and watch a movie! Make your at home dates special. Even if it seems to be the most mundane thing you could do, give your self the opportunity to create a special memory. Remember when you used to “watch a movie” but never really remember what happened because you were too busy making out!? Create an environment that asks for a sexy fun makeout session (just be careful not to fall asleep half way through the movie!).


Before you know it you and your partner will be comfortable, relaxed and in full on makeout before you make your way to the bedroom. Well maybe you don’t even need to make it to the bedroom considering you’re going to be set up on the floor filled with pillows and comfy blankets!


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