My New Obsession: Full Skirts

I would consider myself a pretty tall girl. I’m 5’9 and when I’m wearing some snazzy high heels I can reach up to 6’1 (one of the reasons I absolutely love my boyfriend who is 6’6 no matter how high my heels he will always be taller!). On top of that I have a long torso and long legs (and long arms for that matter). Finding clothes that fit me properly can be a challenge. I’m hippy, have big boobs and a boot-ay! I’m a big dress/skirt person. Although the last year I’ve been wearing pants a lot because my office is like the frozen tundra. Everyone is all excited for fall clothes…well I’ve been dressing like its fall for months. I’m. Cold. ALL. THE. TIME.
When I do find a skirt I love (usually a nice pencil skirt in a tweed) even if its knee length it somehow manages to creep its way up my legs and BAM! Instant mini skirt. And don’t even get me started on dresses! I’ll find one I adore and think oh my gosh! Perfect for work! Only to try it on and you can practically see my butt. Even dresses from the office wear sections of stores you end up seeing my underwear through the slit. Tights are forever my friend in the fall/winter.
But in one of my shopping excursions this summer I came across a full, midi length skirt in a large floral print with a black background. I fell in love. Hard. Got it at Macy’s for, seriously, $13 in the clearance section. Its the MADE Fashion Week for Impulse brand and it gets serious rotation in my closet. One of these days when I master some fashion photography, I’ll post it to my instagram. I’m still working on that area of photography…
This past week has been gorgeous in Chicago. The most perfect weather. Warm enough to wear a skirt with a light jacket. So I was in full on skirt mode all week. One day a pencil and then of course my full skirt. Gotta say the full skirts win. Not only was it comfortable to wear, but also to sit in. I didn’t have to worry about my ass peeking through the slit and worrying about it riding up into a mini. It seriously was the best addition to my closet in a long while.
During LFW I saw a post from Pop Sugar with a gorgeous leopard print skirt.

PopSugar: LFW-Street-Style-Day-3

PopSugar: LFW-Street-Style-Day-3

Obviously a skirt that is most likely WAAAAYYY out of my $250 a month budget. So I went on the hunt to find a similar one that was waaaayyyy IN my budget! Score for me! Totally found one at for only $25.99. I’m super excited to wear it! Its such a statement piece and would look great styled like it is above (super easy on a budget and with my new shoes) or even with tights and booties!
So now I’m obsessed with the full skirts and I will definitely be adding more to my wardrobe this fall/winter. I’m particularly fond of the leather ones from Zara (see below) and the black quilted one from H&M (see below) Which I actually saw in Hot Pink at H&M this past weekend but they didn’t have my size or I would have gotten it.

What are you completely obsessed with in your closet??

Full Skirt Love

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