Fall Flats

When I sprained my ankle last October, my life literally changed. Seems dramatic but it really did. Up until that point, I wore heels all the time. Almost every day. I had like one pair of flats (besides flip flops) and those were my Gold Sperry’s. But when I sprained my ankle, I had to change everything. 99% of my shoes I couldn’t wear. Even my wedges. I was on crutches for a few weeks and had my ankle in a brace for over a month. And even when I was able to fully put weight on it, it took me about 6 months before I could even TRY to wear heels. They lasted about 10 minutes before I couldn’t anymore.  It was a sad sad day. I love heels, and wedges and I was always a “the higher, the better” kinda girl. My dream shoes? A towering 6″ black platform pair of Loubs. Now when I look wistfully on the selections on the Louboutin site…I look only at the 3″ or lower. It makes my heart sad! Even after a year of wearing flats and only recently in the last 4 months I still can’t wear heels consistently.

So flats are my go to now. And luckily it seems they’re everyone else’s go to lately as well. Between boots and pants, fall is a great time to wear flats. I still pop in my wedges (they give me more ankle support and typically don’t put as much pressure on my bunions as stilettos do) when I’m getting dressed up but try to stick to flats (even when I go out) My friends laugh, but in the end…I have the last laugh! They’re hobbling around in their heels and I’m walking comfortably!

I also walk almost a mile to and from work every day (well at least until it gets SUPER cold) so flats are essential and it really irks me when I see people dressed nicely in a suit or dress and they’ve got ugly running sneakers on with socks. One thing if they’re a pair of Converse or a slide…but shoes that are for running?? Ick.

I used to go for dainty flats with little flowers and ballet-esque style. But I’ve recently fallen in love with some beefier alternatives and lean towards loafers, smoking slippers and oxfords.  But I still love some girly shoes with bows, dots and dainty features! Perfect for skirts and dresses!

I scoured some of my favorite sites to online window shop and put together some reasonably priced, cool flats for fall!

Fall Flats


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