Free Sephora Beauty Class: Timeless Modern Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks!

Did you know that many Sephora locations offer FREE beauty classes if you’re a member of their Beauty Insider program? I actually dont even think you have to be a Beauty Insider but if you shop there, even just occasionally, its worth racking up some points.

I had signed up for the Beauty Insider Program this past spring as Sephora was one of the few places that I could get a tanning mitt for cheap ($6 dolla holla!). In general I don’t spend a ton of money on makeup. Which is suprising actually, as I was a makeup artist for nearly 5 years. I stopped working in makeup back in 2009 because I was just plain burned out. It got me so bad that I even stopped wearing makeup myself (or just the bare minimum to make sure I didn’t look dead). So for the last few years I’ve been pretty out of touch with makeup, I still stick to really limited makeup and covering up the fact that I’m definitely getting older and its starting to show. I don’t have as much fun with it as I once did and even when I do jazz it up its still pretty basic eyes and usually red lips. Lipstick is actually the only thing that I’ve kept consistant over the last 4-5 years, or actually developed an afinity for. I used to play up my eyes because I’ve always thought they were my best feature, but once I realized that lipstick was a lot less work, and I have pretty great lips (besides the dryness and peeling) as far as shape goes, if I do say so myself. I would rather wear lipstick and mascara and be done!

But since starting this blog, and deciding to redirect the content, I realized that makeup really is a great way to not only feel confident but also sexy and beautiful.  I’m not going to do full tutorials on the blog as I’ve long been out of the industry and wouldn’t feel confident in instructing others on what/how to do a certain look.  Instead I’m going to share with you a few tips I’ve learned or some products that I’ve tried with success or resulted in complete failure. Makeup has come a long way, even in the 5 years I’ve been out of working in makeup (and no I was not a counter girl, I was a makeup artist in the theater industry, but also working on fashion shows and with professional photographers…perhaps one day I’ll share some of the cool stuff I did!) so there is a ton for me to learn, try and play with! Makeup is ultimately supposed to be fun and enhance your natural beauty!

Back to Sephora’s Beauty Class! Like I said, I don’t spend a ton on makeup. I typicaly stick to whatever is at Target or Walgreens and have some other high end stuff  that I was either given or even left over from my kit. Makeup does have an expiration date but things like shadows can last a lot longer (which mine are at the point that much of it needs to be tossed as its far past the expiration date). But it doesn’t mean I wish I could have a drawer filled with Dior, Nars and YSL. But spending $40 on a concealer (Touche Eclat) is just a little bit out of my budget. Going to this class at Sephora let me play with makeup that I might not normally use or buy which is totally awesome and definitely makes me wish I had more money for higher end makeup.

The class I signed up for this time around was The Timeless Beauty: Modern Eye Makeup class. A really easy, basic eye that can go from day to night and you can easily do in 10 minutes in the morning. Although this is really how I wear my eye makeup on a regular basis (when I actually wear it) it was good to get some new techniques and refresh some old ideas/tricks.

I’m not going to go step by step through the class as I think ultimately its way more beneficial for everyone if you go sign up for a class yourself! They’re fun! I met some new girls and its even better when you have instructors on hand to help you pick the correct colors, use the right techniques and know the types of brushes you should be using.  If you check for your local store they’ll have a list of events and beauty classes available. The facilitator for our class also said that you can come in for FREE 15 minute mini makeovers that include some of the same concepts and ideas behind the classes (they do one side, you do the other!) I had no idea that Sephora even offered these types of classes until I got a random email about it from them. If I would have known, I would totally have taken advantage of some of the other classes that had already passed!  Anything FREE is great in my book!

Here are some tips I picked up from the class:

Tip #1:

Although for my taste, using 10 different brushes in the morning is a little much, I did learn that a flat brush for applying concealer is NOT the way to go! I’ve used a flat concealer brush for I dont know how long…that is going to change ASAP.  Our facilitator recommended this brush ( a Sephora Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush, retail: $24)


Talk about totally different feel, application and coverage! You use less product, cover the area much better and it instantly blends. Now I have a set of MAC brushes, but I also have a bunch of E.L.F brushes and Sonia Kashuk mixed in as well. The brush from Sephora is $24 (and is a great quality) but not everyone has $24 to spend on a brush! Guess what! E.L.F has a similar one! And for a whopping $3! I did a little search to see if other brands carried the brush but didn’t have too much luck, I think this one might be a check out the store to be sure kinda of adventure.



Tip #2:

I’ve always been a sweeper when it comes to applying my eyeshadow. It was just the way I was taught and it stuck with me. But after this class I may just try to be switching to patting. Not only did the color go on just as nice as if I were to sweep it on, it also did end up all over my cheeks or temples. On top of the patting technique, I also got another brush tip! When applying my eyeshadow to the crease of my eye, I use whatever brush I have on hand and then I blend the shit out of it. But for this class we used a very loose crease brush. It was definitely different because I’m used to a little more control with my shadow brushes but I liked it! The brush we used was the Pro Domed Crease Brush (retailed at $18)  Lucky for me, when I got home I had taken a glance at my own brushes and realized I already had a brush simliar I just never use it!


But if $18 is too much for you, E.L.F and Sonia Kashuk also carry similar brushes for more than half the price!


The E.L.F brush is only $3 (they also have one similar for $1) but I prefer the Studio line of brushes.


The Sonia Kashuk brush is only $3.99. I don’t know if you’ve used Sonia Kashuk brushes before but some of mine I prefer to my MAC brushes. I’ve had them forever and they’re still in amazing condition. I think if I have to choose between Sonia Kashuk and E.L.F I would definitely go fo Sonia Kashuk as they’re better quality brushes by far and still reasonably priced.

Tip #3:

Use a black shadow as an eyeliner, especially if you are going for a more natural look. This wasn’t new to me at all, but I’ve literally gotten like 7 eyeliners in my Birchbox as of late and I also recently started using the Nyx Super Fat Eyeliner Marker (which I LOVE!) If you have a hard time with Liquid liner (the one thing I could never master) but still want that liquid look I totally recommend a marker. Just be sure to prime before and set after with a translucent powder so it doesn’t transfer to your eyelid or slip off.



But if you want a really subtle, natural and easy liner try a matte black shadow with a flat straight (or angled) brush. You just dab a little black shadow on the brush, tap to get rid of excess and wiggle into the roots of your eyelashes. It will define your eye without all the globby mess or harshness that can come with a pencil, gel or liquid.

Tip #4

This may be a personal preference as I have a pretty good distaste for shimmer and glitter. Now thats not 100% true, I like a shimmer eyeshadow. They pick up the light and usually look pretty. But they belong on your eye LID not under your eyebrow.  So tip #4 is use a light MATTE shadow as a highlighter for under your eyebrows. This also means…your eyeshadow should not go all the way up to your eyebrows.  Its a very scary look when you have shadow going all the way up ladies…very scary. When you’re going for a natural look, stick with a matte light color for your highlight blend out to the edges of your eyebrows but also down into the other shadow.  Using a matte shadow is a really subtle, pretty highlight that doesn’t draw attention away from your eyes instead enhances that work you’ve done! A shimmer can be ok for a highlight if you’re doing an over the top makeup or evening look, but for a daily, natural look…oh please just stick with a matte!

eeek!!! Too much!

eeek!!! Too much!

Overall the class was really fun, helpful and I’d definitely recommend both seasoned makeup enthusiasts (and artists) and newbies or less experienced ladies go in for some tips and techniques. Plus who can say no to playing with fancy makeup for a few hours!  I didn’t have all the goodies we used from the class at home, but I still was able to recreate the look! Take a look at my before and after! (I am not that used to taking photos of myself….and I have TERRIBLE lighting in my apartment)


After looking at these pictures some more…they are awful. I am not a selfie queen…



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