Gilt Warehouse Sale Wishlist! I’m so EXCITED!

I have been waiting for this for months. I checked Gilt every day all summer to make sure I didn’t miss it. On Saturday I’m hitting up the Fall Gilt Warehouse

Sale bright an early at 9am. You better believe I’ll be there waiting in line!  So this really means my shopping budget is SCREWED big time this month. But I have a plan. Remember my Fall Shopping List? I’m sticking to it. I had already crossed off my wedge booties and my black strappy heels off my list but I have a few more things that I still need to add to my wardrobe. I’m a big purger. I go through my closet (in the wrong seasons mind you) and get rid of things that I really probably need. I go through all my long sleeve shirts in the summer and donate, donate, donate. Then when it comes to needing those shirts (like now) I’m like…what the heck! Where did they all go! So now that I’ve got slim pickins in my closet for winter attire. I’ve got to re-stock up.

I did go to H&M a few weeks back and bought a really comfortable light gray sweater that I’m completely obsessed with. I actually love it so much I want to get it in another color or two…but especially this pink color: Its super cozy, a little baggy and covers my butt so I can wear it with leggings! Perfect for a casual day but I even paired it with heels and a some leather leggings to wear out! The sleeves are long which means its a sweater that is made for me. Usually I buy a sweater and even after a few washes the sleeves shrink up (for cotton sweaters that require washing) but this one it didn’t happen! The sleeves stayed nice and long! Plus for $20 you can’t beat the price!

hmprod (1)


So for the Gilt Warehouse sale, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for some nice sweaters or skirts that can transition from summer to fall and vice versa. Plus I’ll be looking for jewelry as a lot of mine I no longer wear and is not really on trend anymore. I always find cute jewelry at the Rack but I’m always hesitant to spend $40 on a necklace. I really love unique pieces and my favorites are from my trip to Argentina. I always get compliments on them and since they’re not from the States they’re completely unique. But I do love me some Bauble Bar (just not the Bauble Bar prices). So in my Gilt sale adventures I’ll be hunting down some new pieces that are unique. I may also have my boyfriend head over to the jewelry store I liked in Argentina and have him pick up a few pieces before he leaves for England!

I wear a lot of blue so necklaces like this from Target are perfect! I’ve always been a big statement necklace kinda girl. The bigger the better, but I’ve ventured away because most of mine don’t go with what I currently am filling my closet with in regards to clothes.



The last thing I’ll be on the hunt for at the Gilt Sale is definitely boots. I’m not expecting to find much in the way of them (or for my idea of a reasonable price) But its the one thing that I’m completely missing. I’ve got my booties and my rain boots, even some snow boots…which after last winter need to be replaced. Goodbye hot pink Coach snow boots! I’m loving these Sorel Campus Tall boots! They look super warm and comfortable. With the harsh winter last year having durable, warm boots is a must have. Even my snow boots from last year weren’t quite enough, so this year I’ll be stepping it up. I have Uggs but even in -45 degree (yes that is a negative number, you read correctly)  weather its just not enough. I’ll for sure be stocking up on heavy duty, arctic weather wear for this winter. They unfortunately are predicting another Polar Vortex this winter.


Its unlikely that the Gilt Sale will carry some winter boots, but I’m hoping to find some cute boots that are perfect for fall. I told my boyfriend about how excited I was for the sale and I’ve been waiting all summer for it. He knows of my shopping problem and asked me how much I was planning to spend. I’ve been really good this past month but I did up my budget for october just for this sale. He laughed when I told him how much, he’s like Angela! Its a sale, thats all you’ll spend!? I’m hoping to keep my shopping to under $200 as I have a pricey vet visit at the end of the month and a ton of saving to do.

If you were to shop a huge sale like the Gilt Warehouse Sale what would you buy!?


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