How to be a Morning Person

Do you consider yourself a morning person? Or how about a night owl? Do you think you can evolve from a night owl to a morning person? Or can you be both?


I find myself to be a little bit of both. I tend to lose track of time at night and find myself caught up in a book or a tv show till 11pm or later, then I have to wake up at no later than 6:30 to be on my way out the door by 7:15. I totally can get showered and ready to go in 45 minutes. In the morning I’m pretty efficient, I can multi-task and get myself out the door and to the train on time. But mornings are really when I’m most productive. It’s at 7am when I feel like I want to do all my dishes and clean the bathroom or snap photos of this or that for the blog. But when you get up with only 45 minutes to be out the door it doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

So to combat my desire to be über productive in the morning, which also allows me to be incredibly lazy when I get home, I’m training myself to get up just a little bit earlier every day with an end goal of waking up at 5:30. Plenty of time to get a little blogging done, do some AM yoga, clean up dishes from the night before and maybe even blow dry my hair.

But waking up earlier is not easy. Especially when you’re all warm and cozy in your bed and it’s still dark out. It’s actually really, really hard. Dark = Sleep more right?  But if I want to work on my social media plan for the blog and get a few extra things done in the morning (especially yoga) I gotta get up earlier.

I scoured the internet to find some helpful suggestions on getting my booty up earlier. Here’s what I found (plus some of my own):

  • Go to bed earlier. Yeah totally lame, your friends will tease you when you go to bed at 9 but getting up earlier is much easier.
  • Turn your phone COMPLETELY off before you go to bed. Invest in an alarm clock instead. The light and distractions from your phone don’t help you fall asleep any easier! **This is one I need to do!**
  • Don’t hit Snooze. This one is super hard for me, and part of my training routine. I literally set like 10 alarms…one every 15 minutes. I sleepily hit snooze on the first 5 and usually wake up by the 6th, but hit snooze again till alarm 8…My goal is to sleep through the first 3 alarms and get up by Alarm 5.
  • Get up and get moving. I always feel more awake when I work out in the morning. Hence my desire to get up earlier to do so. But even just getting up to turn the lights on is
  • Open the blinds or invest in a sunlamp. This is a common suggestion (saw it both on Real Simple and Huff Post). They can be pricy but will help wake you up.
  • Create a routine in the morning. I do this the best I can. I wake up, I start a cup of coffee, put my contacts in and start a shower. Now that I’m wanting to add more to my routine I have to add more time. By the time I meet my goal my routine will be super productive!
  • Eat breakfast. I do eat breakfast, but its usually when I get to work. I will hopefully modify my morning routine to include a little breakfast before I head off to work.

Showering in the morning really helps me. I’ve tried to shower at night, but I’m a total night sweater and I have to shower in the morning. It usually wakes me up and gets me moving as well.

I’m really good at convincing myself that I have 15 extra minutes…which usually makes me late. But now that I am working towards getting up earlier, I’m working towards my goal in 15 minute increments. I usually get up at 6:30, but this week I’m getting up at 6:15, next week 6:00. I started adding my yoga in as my first change to the routine, it really helps me to wake up and get up a little earlier. Plus I still want to lose a few pounds/inches so it helps with that as well.

Working towards getting up at 5:30 in smaller amounts of time allows my body to adjust gradually. Even though it makes sense to just jolt your body into it by not hitting snooze. I know, for me, that’s not a reality. I’m less tired if I go slow.

Getting the boring stuff out of the way in the morning (like the dishes and tidying up the bathroom) makes me feel way less guilty about binge watching Blacklist or The Voice when I get home…

What do you to get yourself up in the morning?


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