Winter Jackets, I want to spend $180…but my brain says no.

The weather in Chicago is seriously going through menopause or something. One day its like a literal heat wave! 75 degrees in the end of October?! And then the next, giving us the straight up cold shoulder, with temps dipping down into the 30s, within the span of three days. Welcome to Hell. Last week I had to yank out one of my winter coats (not my NorthFace, thank goodness…its not THAT cold yet) because my lightweight fall jacket just wasn’t enough. I was all ready to go! Got outside looked down and realized that all down the front of my white Bebe jacket were gigantic stains…I have no clue what they’re from or where they came from…or even when I got them! I actually only wear that coat when I go out to a nice dinner or a dressy event.  One look at the coat and I said “No More!” White coats are just not for me.

Let me tell you a little back story on this jacket. I was stoked, found it at Marshalls for a super price and snatched it up right away. Literally decided to wear it the next day because I was going to dinner after I got my haircut. Got to my hair appt a few minutes early so I stopped at Starbucks. Yep. Not even wearing the coat for more than one day and an entire cup of vanilla latte went all down the front. Brought it in to get cleaned and luckily they were successful and got it all out. Clearly my spilling streak continued without me even noticing.

I took that sucker yesterday to the drycleaners and it is definitely going away from me…far far away so it doesn’t get spilled on again.

So I’ve been on the hunt for a new jacket that can take me through the “warmer” winter months in Chicago and into early spring. I’ve got my super warm North Face which keeps me protected from the next Polar Vortex that could come through Chicago this winter. (Hopefully not because I really dont wish to repeat that ever again)

I reeeaaaalllly want a jacket that has a large shaw type collar and gives more of a wrap type feel. I absolutely love the grey one below from Bebe. Its a little more than what I want to spend, but its exactly what I want. I did however happen into Akira this past weekend and came across an almost identical jacket for nearly $100 less than the coat at Bebe. So once November comes around, I’ll be hoping on over and picking it up. Target has a somewhat similar style but after trying it on, I didn’t really like it an it was in a much more casual pattern/style.

Its becoming harder and harder for me to spend a lot of money on things like clothes, not because I don’t want to or because I’m trying to save money. But its now starting to really kick in that I need to be able to fit as much stuff into a few large suitcases as possible…having 3 jackets and 9 pairs of jeans just isn’t going to cut it. Spending $180 on a jacket that I love is just silly when in 9 months I’m going to have decide whether to keep it or not.  It would be a different story if I were heading overseas for just one year, I could leave things behind easily for when I return, but since there is no plan of me returning, other than for visits, I have to part with things and go with the bare minimum. I’m good at purging but usually I replace it with more stuff. Its certianly a challenge but I cannot wait to have to make those decisions because it means that I’m only a short time away from finally ending this long distance! What could be better!?!

Anywhoo…Check out these jackets! What jackets are on your must list this season?

Winter Jackets

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