New Series Coming in November: How to Fix Your Credit. The Bad Ass Way

credit score, repair your credit, bad credit

In my recent motivation to get myself organized (primarily because I’ll be moving out of the United States next year) I decided as well that I need to make sure I know how much debt I have and what I can do to start eliminating it. Usually I just get a debt collector bill in the mail and I just put it in a stack of papers and forget about it. I figure not looking at it means it doesn’t exist right?! Wrong.

My credit score is terrible. I couldn’t even buy a house if I wanted to…probably not for at least another 5-10 years, or at least till I paid off at least a huge chunk of my medical debt and some of my ever growing student loans. Even though I don’t plan on buying a house yet and am perfectly content with renting, there’s a chance that in a few years my boyfriend and I will want to. Whether its in the US or elsewhere, having a good credit score is only good for you and your future.

Ignoring that pile of bills? Not such a smart idea.

As I’ve said before I’ve made some huge strides, paid off my car and working towards paying off my credit cards, not to mention creating a healthy savings account. And let me tell you something. It is hard. I’ve improved on my budget (compared to what I was spending a few months ago) but I’m still going over every month. November will be the month! I’m telling you!

Back to the credit report….I talked to my sister who is pretty awesome at the whole getting your credit back into shape kinda thing. If I’ve got a question on how to get something off it, or what will improve my score the fastest, she’s always got the fix.

After a nice long chat about how awesome the Bridesmaid’s dresses are that we just scored for $50 (hey hey David’s Bridal Semi-Annual Sale!) we decided to have her write a weekly series on fixing up your credit score so you can, you know…buy a house or something.

Starting in November, my sister Michelle will be covering the basics of a credit report, what you can do to fix mistakes, delinquent accounts and what other methods you can use to fix it up and get it in tip top shape! To further demonstrate her awesomeness, she got her fiance’s credit score from really bad (like when you look at the scale and it says poor to excellent…it was poor) to even better than her own! And hers is in the excellent end of the spectrum! Talk about awesome. Even better? She did it in less than 2 years. 

So whether you know what your score is or if you don’t even know how to find it (trust me, I’ve had to explain it to quite a few people…in addition to telling them that they should be doing it once a year!) or if you’ve got some pesky little buggers on there that just won’t seem to go away, each week Michelle will be chatting (in a non-boring way) about what you can do to fix it up and improve it even if you’ve got like 100k in student loans like me!

Michelle isn’t an accountant, but she’s spent a lot of time researching, talking to and negotiating a lot of delinquent accounts off her fiance’s and her own credit scores. She’s helped me get organized and figure out what I can do to make it better.



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