October Budget Recap

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Oh Gilt Warehouse Sale, you DESTROYED my budget this month. And Homegoods, you certainly didn’t help either. I most certainly failed my shopping budget this month. Next month I am really going to try to stick to it.  Try always being the key word.


Budgeted: $250

Actual: $250

Difference: Spot ON! 

Gas & Transportation:

Budget: $50

Actual: $0 ( I didn’t drive hardly at all…but I did get a $60 ticket…which I’m paying when I get my paycheck)

Difference: $50.00


*This includes both clothing and home goods, eventually I will separate it but for now this works.

Budget: $300 (I upped it for October and I STILL went over…)

Actual: $506

Difference: $206

I spent $220 at the Gilt Warehouse sale and found a chair at Homegoods that was $80. Not to mention I got my bridesmaid’s dress for my sisters wedding ($55) and my halloween costume ($55).  That really sucked up most of my budget and I had a few little trips here and there that added up quickly.  Next month I have a few things that I need and want to get that will hopefully keep me at the $250-300 range. I decided to up my shopping budget to $300 for now…as I clearly can’t get down to $250, even my boyfriend laughed when I told him my goal.

My mom decided to buy all our Bridesmaids dresses so that added $55 back in.


Budget: $100 but flexible

Actual: $130

Difference: $30

Much better this month…but still over. One very expensive birthday lunch for a coworker, caused me to go over.


Budget: $50

**I rarely get my hair and nails done so this budget will be as needed.

Actual: $50

Difference: Spot ON! 

Got my hair trimmed up this month. Good thing I don’t need to do that more than every 10-12 weeks.

Blog Expenses

Budget: $150

Actual: $135

Difference: $15

October Budget

Total Budget: $900

Actual: $1071

Difference: $171

I did have some other really big expenses this month (international micro chips for the dogs) and added some additional payments for some outstanding bills. But overall (other than my clothing budget) I feel I did ok this month.

I also decided to start including the blog in my budget for October, I have been investing more money into the blog (self hosting, conferences, and soon; giveaways) with the hopes that it will help me with being a better blogger. Ultimately I’d love to do giveaways that I don’t buy myself, but right now I don’t have any sponsors so I’ll get a few things here and there to do a few giveaways. I’m also really interested in placing some ads on some other blogs. I found Passionfruitads.com and was completely amazed! I’ll definitely be heading on over to buy some ads on some other blogs for November and December!!

November Plans

November I have plans not only to cut back on spending but also to make a little extra money.  I’ve got a huge (and growing) pile of clothing that I want to list on Poshmark. Have you tried Poshmark before? I used it a few years back when it was just an app (now you can use it from your computer) and sold a few items from my closet for more than I would have if I brought them to Plato’s Closet or Crossroads Trading (they never take anything I have, even if its designer). My mom also has my  Juicy Couture dog carrier listed on Ebay which will hopefully “fetch” a few dollars. I also have a massive amount of books that I need to try to sell at a bookstore that does book buying.  The last one has been a thorn in my side because the store I’m going to bring them to isn’t in the city and means I have to drive like 30 minutes away…pain in my ass.

As far as my shopping for November I don’t need anything major for my apartment, with the exception of a lamp for my desk. I also re-arranged my closet a little bit so I’ve got a few ideas for the space above my coral dressers, that requires a mirror some little touch lights and perhaps some wall decals. (I’ll be doing a post on it when I get all the goods!)  Its taken me quite some time to get my apartment to where I want it. I still have some decorating to do (art and so on) but at this point spending too much, if anything at all, is a waste of money. Especially on decor items.  In a year I’ll have to sell everything anyways so spending a ton of money on decorating is counterproductive.

Clothes on the other hand. I always shoot for a Buy One, Get Rid of One policy. Each item I buy I replace it. This month I have a few things on my list of things I want/need.  I really need a new winter coat for these days that its not quite cold enough for my North Face, but not warm enough for my lightweight jacket. I walk almost a mile to and from work each day and it can get chilly. I really love a coat from Bebe but its $180, but my bargin hunting paid off and I found a very similar jacket for $85 at Akira. So I’ll be purchasing that for sure this month. There’s also a pair of boots that I like from American Eagle that are $80 but I’m waiting for a good coupon before I buy. I also found a few sweaters at H&M that I like, how I live in Chicago and only have like 4 sweaters is beyond me.  The new Toms for Target line is coming out on November 16 and I really want one of the sweaters and a poncho.  So those are on my list too. Between the Jacket and the Sweaters I should be able to do quite all right with my budget. The boots I’ll wait for a 40% off coupon.  Since I have a real list of things I actually need and there are no sales going on this month, I should manage it ok. I do have to start Christmas shopping as well. But I usually don’t have too many people to shop for anyways (my sisters and a few friends)

Building my savings is crucial for next year. The amount of money I need in my account (plus money for my flight, transporting the dogs, and additional luggage, not to mention renting a car in France) is astronomical. I’ve been adding more and more to my savings, but then having to spend it makes it difficult to keep a balance. Paying off my credit card is a big goal as well. By next September I want to have a HUGE chunk of debt paid down (credit card and at least half of my medical bills) Thanks to my sister I should be able to get my credit fixed up in no time…then its the goal of paying off my 100k in student loans…

Do you have a monthly Budget? Are you successful in sticking to it?


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