November Goals!

I’ve seen a ton of bloggers who do a monthly goal post. And I thought to myself, why not. Its helpful. Keeps things in perspective and gives me something to refer back to! I’ve got some goals for the blog, for myself and for my budget this month!

Its only a few days into November, and I’ve already blasted through almost half my November shopping budget. (I’m still sticking to a $300 budget, since it was way too hard to stick to $250…I’m easing into it!)


I got this super cozy wrap jacket from Akira (a local Chicago boutique) and am super pleased with it! Its not crazy warm, but its exactly what I wanted…a really big blanket-esque coat.  I even got a deal, since I get coupons from Akira, I got sent a 20% off coupon, but after shipping it would have really only been like 15% off. So I headed into the store down the road from me and asked if they would honor it! They didn’t honor the full 20% but they gave me 15%! I also picked up a cute headband for my ears (I wear my hair up way to often not to have one) and some super warm mittens. Even better cold weather gear was buy one get on half off! All together I spent about $100. So I plowed through a good portion of my budget, but I really needed the jacket…as my white one is covered in irreversable stains…


For the rest of the month I’m going to be strict! I know I need a few sweaters for my closet and I’ve been eyeing a few from H&M. My new favorite sweater is from there and I literally want another in a different color…its seriously my fav (its the middle one below). So I’ve got a few I love and that are on my list. Plus I’m anxiously awaiting the Tom’s Collab at Target for a sweater and a poncho.

Even when I find stuff I love, I still try to get it on sale. (hello text your email to H&M for 10% off!) or Loft is always have 40% and 50% off clearance items. The Tom’s for Target most likely won’t go on sale for a few months and I know I’ll have to snatch it up right away. But here’s what I’ve got my eye on for November: (can you tell I like the longer/oversized sweaters…in black and gray….)Sweater Weather

Sweaters really are the only thing that’s truly missing from my closet. I don’t need any fancy going out dresses (as I don’t go out, and have no intention to on NYE) I have plenty of blazers and silk tanks to go underneath, I have lots of shoes (most of which I don’t even wear). The only other things I really need are a new pair of winter boots and a pair of black boots. Beyond that I can stretch those purchases out over the course of November and December. Maybe Chicago will get lucky this year and snow will wait until mid December! I could easily get a few of the sweaters I like on my list and the items from Target and still stay within my budget. I’m learning to pace myself.

Blog Goals

For the blog this month, I’m hoping to get the self-hosted version up and running, host a giveaway and get my butt into high gear with social media. (anyone wanna be my pinterest mentor?) Not to mention invest in a few sponsored ads on some other ladies’ blogs or do some swaps! Ideally I’d love to get a week or two of posts scheduled, but its been harder for me to focus as I’ve been frantic about applying for schools overseas. But that is one worry I don’t need anymore! I got accepted into the school I was hoping to get into!

Money Goals

I also want to make a little extra cash. I searched and searched the best way to sell books online, but the hassle of shipping and whatnot is not worth the maybe $1 I would get. So I’ll be listing bundles of books on craigslist, and hopefully get some bites. That way people come to me. Win win! I also listed a few items of clothing on Poshmark and hopefully will get some extra cash from that as well. Once I get switched over to the self-hosted version of The O Guide, I’ll be attempting to do some monetization. Literally, every cent counts right now towards my  move. Even though I shouldn’t be spending on sweaters and boots, I know that is not realistic of myself. Reality is I need to incorporate shopping into my lifestyle and budget, or I’d be miserable.
To save a little money this holiday season, I’m not going to be buying gifts, instead I’ll be making them! I got inspired by Rosie over at  The Londoner (one of my favorite UK blogs!) and her Pecan Toffee! I’ll be hunting down some unique recipes and see what I can come up with this holiday season! Of course I’ll share! Making homemade gifts saves a ton of money and can be personalized for each person! I’ve already got some ideas for what I’m planning!

Health Goals

I’ve slacked off on my fitness plan. Doing Yoga every morning and waking up early is not easy. But the time change helped a bit! So for November, I’m really going to get back to the getting fit. My weight has been hovering around the same number for the last month and its starting to irritate me because I saw a huge change initially and now I’ve plateaued. So now I need to keep my but into gear!
I’ve also got to get in a better habit of not eating Naan and Kale chips for dinner…its not exactly a well balanced meal. I’m hoping that my early morning start will kick my eating into high gear. I’ve got a crock pot…I gotta start using it! Do you have some awesome, super healthy crock pot recipes to share with me??? Send them on over!
I’ve been healthy for nearly 5 months! Its like a miracle…no seriously. I was getting terrible bronchitis every other month. But I’ve been hack-free for 5 months! The goal is to keep it that way! Lots of rest, water, healthy diet and exercise should keep the sickness away…I hope…

What kind of goals do you have for November?


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