I had all these plans to cook…then I got a hangover instead

I legit had all these plans this weekend to get on top of some posts and bang out a few recipes while I was back in Michigan with access to my parent’s big kitchen and my mom’s camera! Alas, I got about halfway there…managed to loose all the light and then went out with my sister and her fiance. Very fun! But very bad idea…drinking is not for me anymore I think…and this weekend was a shock to my system. I’ve dramatically cut back on drinking in general but this was the first time I’ve really gone out and really drank in quite sometime. Sunday was brutal. I couldn’t even move. There sat my salmon, zucchini and cauliflower and homemade pesto sauce (the only thing I accomplished this weekend) unfinished and me with absolutely no desire to complete it (let alone eat it).

By the time I got back to Chicago it was 10:30, far too late to do any sort of cooking/photography and I couldn’t even keep my eyes open. So no recipe today folks.  I will get a little motivation this evening to whip up my zucchini fries….but I gotta tell you…I found a basic recipe for pesto sauce and did my own little twist on it…it was outta this world! So I’ll certainly be sharing that with you when I get my butt into gear  and get those pictures taken. I did get a chance to use my  mom’s camera and when I do finally get a DSLR camera I’m going to need some serious help on how to use that thing!

I have a plan though. Its been getting cold here in Chicago and my desire to eat comfort foods is growing….So I’ve got some ideas to whip up some soups and teach myself to can. The hard part about batch cooking for me is that I usually end up throwing a lot of it away. Or it goes in the freezer and gets forgotten, freezer-burned or the containers crack so I end up tossing them. I feel like maybe if I canned everything and instead of storing it in the freezer, I’d use it a little more frequently. Plus I like that you can get smaller jars for canning, enough for one portion. My other method usually consists of me shoving as much as I can into the tupperware I have and tossing it in the freezer, its typically two sometimes 3 serving sizes! Heating, cooling, heating again 3 times over isn’t always the best option.  And as much as I like the disposable gladware containers, those often crack in the freezer on me and I somehow manage to buy a pack of 5 and loose 4 of them! Canning seems to be a great solution for some of my troubles.

My plan this week is to work on a soup marathon. And whip up a few different soups that I can store and save for later use. Although for the most part, the soups  I like are dairy based and pureed (which it is recommended that you don’t can dairy or pureed soups) I can still use the freezer safe canning jars to make individual portions and toss in the freezer.


So my friends…here’s the call to action! Do you have an AWESOME soup recipe that you just think I’m crazy  not to try?? Post a link to the soup in the comments and I’ll be sure to check it out!


2 thoughts on “I had all these plans to cook…then I got a hangover instead

    • it really is! I even got my mom to go shopping with me and bought all this fresh produce (that they don’t eat!) and alas…I’m sure the salmon will sit in their fridge and go bad…It would have just been too long under the car heaters for me to bring home!

      I’ve been seeing a ton of the Zuppa Toscana recipes on Pinterest!! Its one on my list!

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