Today I’m taking a Minute to Get it Together!

Organized, BloggingThe last two or three weeks have been kind of stressful for me. I’ve been busy trying to get my application in for graduate school (woot woot I got in!) and trying to get a little more research done for flying two dogs on over to England! I’ve been busy on the weekends, and have found myself slightly out of sorts during the week.

I’m like a research-aholic. And I get slightly obsessed with it. Looking for info on flying the dogs, international visas, etc…I’ll literally spend hours trying to absorb as much information as possible. It consumes a lot of my time and usually not in a good way.  Its a bad habit, I have to start to break…to an extent. My research tactics usually give me a lot of different options when I’m looking to do something. Like when I’m booking a flight…I’m religious about checking not only but also the specific airlines websites. Its worth it, when I booked my flight to Argentina, my original ticket price was $1100, the next day I found the same ticket for $850. You better believe I researched the price match policy and got my ticket for $850. Saved me a ton of money! Its worth being a little obsessive…but not when it cuts into your productivity of other things.

All my researching has really cut into my productivity of the blog. I was going really strong with posting and getting a week or two ahead. And then I got distracted and slacked off. I started researching more on how to develop my social media plan rather than actually creating one. And started letting responding to comments, FB group posts/tweets and emails continuously throughout the day rather than setting aside a specific time to do all that at once.

So today I decided to spend my time really getting organized. Creating a to-do list and knocking off items one by one. I already completely re-organized my Pinterest Boards  and am coming up with a plan to put Pinterest to work for the blog! I’m gathering some ideas for upcoming posts and going to get a schedule together to keep me from wasting my time on FB/Twitter and Pinterest.

I really need to get it together and set up some specific blogging time and a time for social media. So I’m not spending 20 minutes here and there all throughout the day. If you think about it, if I hop  on and waste 20 minutes about 4-5 times a day, I’m spending at least an hour and 20 minutes and not being super productive. I could designate an hour a day to managing and scheduling social media and to respond to comments/emails.  It most likely won’t take me the entire hour to do (I really don’t get that many emails!) and then I can spend my spare time working on editing photos, writing posts and finding inspiration! When you really dedicate specific time to getting things done, you’ll get twice as much done compared to trying to squeeze it in here and there throughout the day. 

I’ve got my plan and I’m going to get back on track to getting ahead! And I’m going to stop researching my plans and actually make one and carry it out….

So what do you do to stay organized? Do you designate specific time to certain tasks?


4 thoughts on “Today I’m taking a Minute to Get it Together!

  1. I’m the WORST at organizing!! I don’t do well with schedules or time frames. Lately I’ve been spending too much time doing god knows what, and my blogging has been slacking too. I think designating a block of time is a good idea… I think I need to try that!

    Ps. Congrats on getting into grad school in England!!

    • I’m good at the organizing it all part I’m just bad at getting it done! I usually say I’ll do this tonight and then watch an entire season of Dr. Who or something!

      Thank you! I’m super super excited! I wish it was next fall already! Next step will be getting a job (and getting married) so then I’m not living of my boyfriend…haha

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