My feet will thank me for these when the temps drop…oh wait they did already.

 On Monday…or maybe it was Tuesday, I tend to block out half of winter because I don’t like the cold, Chicago decided to be her typical dramatic self and have an intense mood swing. I left work in the morning with a balmy 55 degrees outside. I was thinking oh great! Its so nice! It was pleasant, not really windy and just perfect out. I did remember it was supposed to rain of course and I left my umbrella only to realize after I left the house and got to the train station. Go figure. But it only rained around lunch time. But by the time I left work, I did a quick check on my weather channel app and it was 38 degrees. The following day it started out at 34 and by the time I got home it was a brisk 28 degrees. Yep in the course of a little more than 24 hours it dropped almost 31 degrees. I knew it was coming but I wasn’t really prepared for the snow and cold. Not yet at least.

Needless to say my walk home was a little more than cold. I wore a lighter jacket, had ankle pants on and flats. By the time I finished my mile long walk, my feet were red and cold from the wind. Because you know on top of the quick drop in temperature the wind picked up like crazy.

I was trying to think back to what I wore last winter during the Polar Vortex, and remembered I had bought a pair of black ankle boots. They were so destroyed after trudging through an entire winter that I tossed them this summer. So now I need a new pair. So I can wear socks.

I have this thing though. I love to buy really nice shoes, but when it comes to shoes or boots that I’m going to absolutely destroy (think polar vortex, ice, sleet, salt and snow) I really hate to spend $100+ on a pair of boots that at the end of the season are just ruined and I have to toss them. I’d rather buy a pair of $30-50 pair and wreck the shit out of them so I don’t have to feel guilty when I have to throw them away.  I’m also on the fence about buying a new pair of winter boots. I have a pair that suit me just fine (the seams are coming undone) but I’m hesitant to spend the money on a pair when I’m not sure if I’ll need them next year. Does London have blizzards and Polar Vortext type weather?

So I’ve been scouring the internet for flat or low heeled boots (you try walking in 3 inch heels on a solid sheet of ice for a mile…pass!) in black that will look nice over and under pants for under $100. I’m really fond of the wingtip ones from Choies, the Monk style ones from ASOS and the suede ones by Ellen Tracy from TJMaxx. I’ll honestly probably get those because I have like $20 in coupons…score! They have a little heel which will help keep pants with a longer hem from dragging in the snow and of course a little heel makes your butt look better. So who could say no?


Black Ankle Boots

Are you on the hunt for something to brave the weather this coming winter?

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