Nut Free Spinach Pesto Sauce!

Pesto, Nut Free

I’m a pasta addict. Like legit. Its probably a good 75-85% of what I eat.  I always like to mix up what I’m eating in my pasta, toss in some veggies, sausage, chicken etc. I stick with easy and simple like olive oil and parmesan cheese. I make my own mac and cheese (my personal favorite) and have just started venturing into making my own sauces. Like today’s post!

A few months back I made my own tomato sauce using some heirloom tomatoes, and it tasted amazing, but the consistency was wrong. So I’ve gotta tweak it a bit. I make a mean cheese sauce and am working on creating a good alfredo sauce that isn’t filled with fat and calories. But pesto sauce, is never my go to sauce. I don’t buy it because its always like $5 for a half pint jar. Which to me is a total waste of money. But I like it, its tasty and can really add flavor to a dish.

One day I thought to myself. I can make pesto sauce myself. I actually came across it when I was looking for chimichurri sauce recipes (which is VERY similar). So I figured I’d give it a shot. Plus I love my food processor so any excuse to use it makes me a happy girl.

A traditional Pesto sauce has pine nuts in it. I’m a rebel, I break the rules, the traditions. I beat to my own drum! HAHA, whatever, I just took out the nuts. Mostly because I’m lazy, and cheap. Nuts are expensive YO!

I jazzed it up a little and started thinking of some other awesome greens I could add to change up the flavor!

But anywhooo….

Spinach Pesto, Nut free pesto, Spinach, Basil, Pesto


Bunch of Basil (I used an entire container)

Cup of Spinach (could also substitute for Kale, Arugula or other greens)

Half a cup of Olive Oil (more if you want it more liquid-y)

1/2 cup parmesan cheese

5 cloves of garlic

S&P to taste

spinach, garlic, olive oil, pesto, nut free


Wash and de-stem your basil and spinach, let dry.

While you’re letting your greens dry, peel your cloves of garlic. I don’t have a peeler so I’m a smash and peel kinda girl!

Combine all ingredients into a food processor.

Grind it up!

Add more oil if you want a thinner consistency.

You can store in the freezer (in an ice cube tray for perfect portions!)

spinach, pesto

Food Processor

Spinach Pesto Leaves

Pesto really couldn’t be easier. You could of course add the nuts if you’d like, but I’m a fan of no-nuts. I switched it up and added the spinach (and now I’ve been contemplating that bag of arugula I’ve got in the fridge as well) .

Pesto stores well and it really makes for a delicious sauce. And making it at home is WAY cheaper than buying the jar at the store.  I only had to purchase the Garlic, the Basil and the Spinach. Spinach was $1.99, Basil was about the same and the garlic was about a $1. Since I only used a portion of the spinach and the garlic and had the other items in my cupboards. I figured the cost of my pesto was about $2 give or take. And gave me a whole lot more than the average half pint jar! I don’t think I’ll ever be buying a jar of pesto again!

I gave my pesto a whirl this past weekend and mixed in some spinach/garlic chicken sausage and some more of that spinach! (do you notice a trend…) It was delicious!

Whats a super simple recipe you like to make?







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