November Birchbox Review!

November Birchbox

I love it when I get candy in my Birchbox! I opened my box and immediately ate the chocolate. Hence why the package is open…I just couldn’t wait for photos ok!?

I also decided to play with some different backdrops for my photos! What do you think? There were a few things on sale at Target that I just couldn’t pass up! (so don’t be surprised if you notice some different styles to my photos! I’m still learning and practicing!)

Nov Birchbox

If I wasn’t on a super saver mission, I’d probably splurge on a few of the gifts in the holiday catalog…but I MUST RESIST!

November Birchbox samples

This month I got a few things I like and others I didn’t.

Laura Mercier

I’ve only recently been turned on to Laura  Mercier, I started using her concealor which I love! I tried the mascara this morning and I’m definitely a fan! A little disappointed in the sample of the tinted moisturizer, as it was literally enough to just color match and thats about it. But I’ve used it during one of my Free Sephora Beauty Lessons: Contouring & Highlighting, and Modern Eye Makeup and I do like it. Its really light and really covers well.  I really love it though when I get mascaras in my Birchbox, because I can actually use the entire tube of mascara before I should be tossing it!

Did you know you should toss your mascara after 3 months of use??? Trust me, its one timeline rule that you should follow. When it comes to your eyes, you should take care!  (and PLEASE for the love of whoever you believe in, DO NOT put saline in your mascara tube to make it last longer! Its gross!)

Dr Brandt Pores No More

I’m always on the hunt for a good poor minimizer. I am very lucky to have pretty great skin. I rarely get breakouts and only have some minor redness and dark circles. But as I’m getting older, I’m noticing more and more that the pores around my nose are getting larger. So I’ve been trying to shrink them…

Dr. Brandt products have been hit or miss with me. For the most part they are a miss. This was one of those products. I don’t know what it is, but Dr. Brandt products cause me to get a lot of splotchy red marks all over where I apply the product. The moisturizer I received in one of my first boxes caused me to break out. Although I liked the cool, tingly sensation of the mask, once I rinsed it off I looked like I had a huge rash all around my nose. Its still there slightly (two days later) and I’ve had to wear foundation, which I rarely do.

So this was a product I likely wont use again.

Harvey Prince

Another line I’ve gotten an OUTRAGEOUS amount of samples from. I think out of all the perfum scents I’ve gotten by Harvey Prince, I’ve only liked one. This one is ok. Its a little more my taste compared to all the others I’ve gotten that tend to be almost sickly sweet. The Petaly Noir isn’t so bad, a little bit of floral and a little bit of musk.

Tocca Hand Creme


You give me a Green tea scented anything and I’m probably going to be a fan. Even hand creme. (and this chick doesn’t like hand creme). I seriously have about 5-10 different sample bottles of hand creme spread across my office, my apartment and different purses. I get so many. They all blur together. I like the light scent of the Tocca Hand Creme. Its slightly greasy for my liking…but its also November and like 12 degrees…so it doesn’t last long since my hands are so dry.


Another hair mask that I haven’t tried yet. I have quite the collection of masks that need to be used…who’s got time for 5-20 extra minutes of just standing there in the shower waiting?!? That’s an extra 20 minutes of sleep! Maybe on the weekend…when I have more time I’ll give it a shot! Have you tried the Amika Nourishing Mask?

Honeycomb chocopod

Told you I couldn’t wait for the chocolate! I mean there’s not really too much to say…its chocolate, with bits of honeycomb. It was tasty.

I saw some previews for the December box…gotta say….I’m really looking forward to it! I hope I get the brightening cream!



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