Office Appropriate Holiday Dresses Under $100

My office christmas party is quickly approaching. And although its easy for me to be tempted into buying a new dress for the occassion, I decided to shop my closet this year and save the cash. (although I really love that green floral number from Mod Cloth and I may just get it when its available again…)
One thing I’ve noticed a lot lately, when reading other blogs or online magazine site (like Refinery 29 or the like) that what they deem as “Office Appropriate” for just regular daily work clothing is really surprising to me. I mean yeah, if you work at a fashion magazine maybe wearing a short skirt or dress that skims your thighs is appropriate…but in the real world, mini skirts and cleavage are NOT work appropriate.
When I see women walking in and out of offices in super short skirts, I’m always curious as to how they get away with that in an office setting. For me, wearing a mini skirt to work is so not appropriate. Thats for going out, or date night or saturdays. Not in an office setting.
I work in a pretty chill office and can get away with things like leggings and more relaxed apparel, I would still never go short…or lots of cleavage. Ultimately I’m the first person people in our office see, so I need to be somewhat professional. I try to portray professionalism but also a little fashion in my wardrobe.
With our holiday party coming up I thought about how even for an office party a mini skirt is probably not the most appropriate. So I scoured the internet and found a ton of cute holiday options for under $100!  If you couldn’t tell my taste…I like the fit and flare dresses and midi length bodicon style dresses…
Office Appropriate Holiday Dresses Under $100
What are you wearing for your office Holiday party?

3 thoughts on “Office Appropriate Holiday Dresses Under $100

    • Exactly Dee! Even though its a party it should definitely be “safe for work!” My holiday party is on a Friday and right after work, so my dress has to be something I’m ok with wearing all day long!

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