Throwback Thursday!

christmas-670463-mToday I decided to throw back to one of my earlier posts! There have been a gazillion and one gift guides going around the blog-o-sphere, I haven’t really done one yet, but I think I’ll be working on a link-up post with some awesome DIY ideas for holiday gifts (since I’m DIYing my gifts this year!).

Lots of these guides are filled with cute coffee mugs, gloves, scarves and stationary. They’re gifts for guys, gifts for your bff and gifts for your mom. I am 100% for all those kinda lists. But I also like the gifts you give JUST to your partner! Ain’t nothin wrong with a little holiday lingerie ladies! Although this list doesn’t include a bunch of Holiday themed lingerie, it is a pretty good list of some places to find inexpensive lingerie to enjoy maybe after all the family leaves!

Here’s a link to the original post: The Guide to Buying Inexpensive Lingerie!

There is a little bit of fun in the Naughty list for Christmas! 


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