The DIY Holiday Gift Guide!

So this year I decided I needed to go back to spending WAY less for the holidays. Last year I went a little spend happy because I was finally making a salary that I could afford to. But since I’ll be moving overseas, I gotta save EVERY penny I can. I’ve got some ideas for Christmas gifts that I can make for this year. Its always fun to make stuff and its always meaningful when gifts are personalized!

So in honor of my gift making plan, I decided to share a list of links to some awesome DIY ideas that are inexpensive, and great for gifts! Some of these I may or may not be making for friends & family!

DIY Jewelry

I’ve never made jewelry in my life, but I’ve always wanted to try. So I spent quite some time on Pinterest searching for some simple jewelry that I could make for friends, that was not only on trend but didn’t look homemade. I came across this gorgeous tutorial for a turquoise necklace! Totally to die for! I might make one for myself….

Turquoise Necklace

Turquoise Necklace from The Crafted Sparrow

These bracelets are EVERYWHERE. Everyone’s got one, and I was thinking ok, I could go to the store and spend $10 or more on a similar bracelet, or I could spend less than $10 and make about 12 of these bracelets. Plus I’m a sucker for pearls.


Pearl Bracelet & Ring Via She Knows & Yes Missy

In my quest to make jewelry, ultimately I wanted to make rhinestone statement necklaces as I’m cheap and don’t want to spend upwards of $100 on a necklace. The trickiest part I’ve found about making your own rhinestone jewelry is actually finding the rhinestones. Sam over at Bromeliad Living not only gives you some tips on how to find them, she also made this gorgeous multi-color rhinestone necklace.  With Rhinestone jewelry being so on trend this season, its surprising that there aren’t more options at places like Michaels! I only found one strand of clear!

necklace vert 2

Multi-Color Rhinestone Necklace via Bromeliad Living

DIY Candy Tins

My initial idea was to make a whole bunch of candy and get some cute christmas tins (or blank ones and decorate them with paint). Its still part of my plan…then my obsession with the jewelry started to wiggle its way into my plan.  The beauty about making candy is that you really can make a bunch of it at once and divy it up between multiple gifts. I thought about the different types of candy I wanted to make and I really like the idea of making bark! There are so many different types but here are a few of my favorites!

Chungah over at Damn Delicious is EASILY one of my topped pin blogs. Not only do her photos make me hungry, but her recipes are simple, relatively quick and cover everything you can think of! This toffee is no exception!


Easy Homemade Toffee via Damn Delicious

I’ve never tried the Cowboy Bark at Trader Joe’s, but I’ve certainly considered a lot of their bark options (they had a Pumpkin Brittle the last time I was there). Although I’m not a fan of oreos, this bark looks spot on! Averie from Averie Cooks has TONS of recipes for the baker in you! I’m so not a baker, but candy recipes like this are right up my alley!


Cowboy Bark via Averie Cooks

Rosie from The Londoner is one of my favorite UK blogs. Everytime I see a post from her blog, I get more excited about moving to London next year. It was actually her Chocolate Avalanche recipe that got me inspired for the bark idea! Although I have absolutely zero clue what a Crunchie Bar is I’m thinking of what I can substitute it out for that’s similar.


Chocolate Avalanche via The Londoner

My sister will probably love this because she loves Pomegranate. But I love the idea of mixing the pomegranate seeds and the chocolate for a tasty treat! This recipe from B&D -Baking and Design just looks so pretty and very Christmas-y!


Pomegranante Ginger Bark Via B&D-Baking and Design

DIY Mugs/Glasses/Tiles

Initially I REALLY wanted to do some mugs (especially for folks at the office, so we’d know who was leaving their dirty dishes in the sink!). But after some extensive research I learned that A. Sharpie marker mugs don’t work, they wash away. B. There is only ONE brand of marker that makes food safe paint to go on cups/plates, and only one place sells it. So I decided to skip the mugs.

Even though they are not food safe (although, I did read that it was more specific in you shouldn’t use forks/knives in regards to plates/bowls) You still can do it, if you use the right type of market (not a regular sharpie), keep the paint an inch or so below where your mouth would come in contact with it, avoid using it on the inside of a mug. There’s still a chance of it washing away, but if you hand wash and take care they should last awhile! From what I understand, the Sharpie Oil Paint pens work great! I’m obsessed with gold…these ones are super cute from Lauren Conrad!


Gold Painted Mugs via Lauren Conrad

Similar to the mugs, I though oh…wine glasses! Ran into the same dilema of not being food safe, but I feel like wine glasses may not get used as much as say mugs do and are way easier to decorate without coming in contact with food or wine (the bottoms are a great place for this!) Same rules apply, keep the markings/paint below were your lips would come in contact and don’t paint the inside.  I love these holiday inspired ones from Fabtastic Eats!


Sharpie Wine Glasses via Fabtastic Eats

This one was partially because the coasters I have at home are absolutely broken, icky and in deseperate need of being replaced. My other thought was, shiiiitttt for literally nothing, I could make everyone a set of cute coasters. I have a lot of the product on hand (moleskin, or rubber buttons for the bottom) I have paint and all I’d need would be some tiles! Tile is pretty cheap, like .16 at Home Depot so to buy enough for everyone, I’d definitely be in under $10.


Gold Caviar Coaster by Whimsey Box

DIY Salts, Scrubs and Bath Bombs

If my tub were made to fit someone bigger than 4ft tall, I’d use my tub WAY more. But since I’m 5’8″ I’m usually half out of the water.  But I do love me some hot bubble baths! I almost made sugar scrub one year for everyone for Christmas, I got all the ingredients, the containers and everything. But when it came to it, I totally ran out of time.  I ended up donating everything in the end (it didn’t cost me more than $20 for everything) but I was bummed I didn’t get a chance to try it out.

I still want to give it a go but usually find other things that take priority…maybe one of these days!

Sugar scrub is one of my favorite body products. I don’t use it often but I love that it makes your skin silky smooth and its just sugar! The options are endless for the scents you can make! This one from the Idea Room gives us that much needed tropical vacation in the cold winter months without spending the money on a flight!


Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub via The Idea Room

Epsom salt is like this base product that you can really do a lot with when it comes to spa products. Between different scents, qualities (Euculyptus ones are great for when you’re sick!) and its sooo easy to really create a salt that fits just what you want it to do! I love a lavendar scented epsom salt, but this Vanilla Rose from Simply Designing one might just change my mind!

Vanilla Rose Petal Bath Salts vertical

Vanilla Rose Petal Bath Salts via Simply Designing

I love Lush, I really don’t shop there enough, but they always smell so wonderful and have so many unique and awesome products. But it does tend to add up if you shop there often. Making your own bath bombs is pretty simple, there are SOOOO many recipes out there too.  I like these ones from Something Turquoise which is totally a wedding blog! I never thought of bath bombs for a wedding guest favor but I kinda like it!


DIY Bath Bombs via Something Turquoise

There are literally so many different ideas out there for homemade gifts, from hot chocolate in a jar to making your own candles. I could keep going on and on but really it could take weeks to get through them all.

A great place to start if you’re looking to make some homemade gifts for the holidays just head over to the DIY and Crafts section of Pinterest!

What are some ideas you’ve got on your Pinterest boards for the holiday season??

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