December Goals and Plans

December is one of those challenging budget months because of Christmas. Although I’m planning on making Christmas gifts for family and friends, which will save me quite a bit, it still is an extra expense in my budget. I’ve already brainstormed some ideas for what I’m going to make as gifts so I’ve got a cost and budget in mind (I already spent $75!) . I decided to add Christmas as an additional budget for the month of December but still try to cut back on my regular budgets (restaurants/shopping/groceries). But for everything else, I think I’ve done great so far and am excited for my upcoming plans!

Shopping Goals/Plans

I took a gander at my Fall Shopping List back in the end of September to see where abouts I was in knocking items off the list. I gotta say I did pretty swell!


Maje, Tan Bootie, Fringe, Fall boot, Ankle Boot

I ended up getting four pairs of boots.Two brown pair at the Gilt Warehouse Sale and two black pairs this month–one short pair from Target, and a similar style boot to the ones I wanted from American Eagle at DSW for about $54, which was way cheaper than American Eagle! I still am debating on whether or not I want to get new snow boots. It hasn’t started snowing in Chicago like it has everywhere else in the Midwest, so I’m a little hesitant to buy. I have my pair from last year but they are definitely on their last leg of the race and in all reality I could use a new pair.  At the same time, I’m constantly thinking in the back of my mind that I need to save space (and weight) in my suitcases next fall. If I were to take all the boots I have now, I’d be lugging 5 pairs (two rain boots, one pair of uggs and two fall boots) not to mention all the other shoes/boots I have. I do plan on getting rid of some (Uggs, one pair of rain boots and some of the less expensive shoes/booties I have) but I really could fill an entire suitcase of just shoes…

The shoes I had on my list (nude strappy and black wedge) I didn’t get either. It’s too cold for the strappy heels and I’m still looking for a black wedge. My boot shopping came first before the wedges. I still would love a pair of the monk oxfords but I may just pass since I scored on the booties. Since I haven’t been wearing heels lately I also haven’t been looking for a leopard print pair. Although I’m hoping to start wearing them again since I’m going to be converting to snow boots soon and will have to bring a change of shoes regardless…



I didn’t get a beige trench coat. And I’ll likely skip it. I also didn’t get a camel colored blazer, or a white one for that matter. I did end up getting a dressier wrap jacket for those not quite cold enough days for my North Face. I still am debating on the vest from JCrew Factory. I really like it, but the more I think about it…do I want to be a blogger clone? Lots of girls have them and I feel like my instagram is filled with the same outfit on different girls.


I got both the Toms poncho and a shawl from Target. Not in the plaid that everyone has, which is what I thought about at first, but then I started getting the blogger clone feeling again.  I also ended up getting a cute headband for when I wear my  hair up to keep my ears warm and some warm black mittens. I love the headband but I think I may need a thicker one!


I always struggle with tops. I always seem to buy a lot of tanks to go under blazers or sweaters and then never wear them. I went a little sweater crazy at H&M this past month they had a really great sale and I ended up getting like 6 sweaters for like $80.  When I’m looking for button down shirts or even just basic tees the sleeves are never long enough in the sleeves, thanks to my orangutan arms. Or they will be long enough in the store and when I wash them they shrink. I still would love to find a cute plaid shirt but am expecting to run into sleeve troubles.

So with the exception of the snow boots and maybe a few more long sleeve shirts, and possibly a dress for NYE there’s really not a whole lot I need to add to my wardrobe. I’m going to go through my closet once more this month and sort through again to see if there’s anything that needs to be cycled out. I have a whole collection of stuff on Poshmark but haven’t gotten any sales. Not needing anything this month means I can put it towards my credit card or towards Christmas gifts! BUUTTT even better, I won a $100 gift card to the Shops at 900 on Michigan Ave. So lucky me, I can re-direct my shopping budget primarily to christmas shopping and use my gift card instead!

Blog Goals

I’m patiently waiting for my sister to finish up the new design of the blog! I’m really excited to get it out there and be self hosted! I can finally start doing sponsorships, buying ads and really try to monetize the blog a little. I’d love to be generating some income (even if its like $20 a month!) from the blog by the time I’m in London.

My biggest blog goal is to really improve my photography. I’ve been working hard on it lately and want to get more stock photography to use for posts like this or other ones that don’t have specific photography.

Check out my first photos…and my most recent! Talk about a difference!















My second largest blog goal is to do a outfit post. I’ve reaaaalllly held off on it. Not because I don’t want to put them on the blog (I do!) I’m totally petrified! I’m way nervous to go outside and photograph myself, by myself. I find a lot of really good excuses not to do outfit posts! Want my list? I don’t have a good camera, I love my clothes but my style is kinda boring work clothes, I’m slack-a-lacking on the accessories department, If I take photos indoors I have no light or a good location in my apartment to take photos, I’m going to look totally stupid taking photos of myself.  Everytime I think I should really do an outfit post I usually come up with one of these excuses. Especially the I’m going to look stupid one, I really hate taking selfies and get totally self concious. And the I don’t have a good camera one too, that one will hopefully not be a valid excuse after Christmas.

I’m still building my social media through Facebook, Twitter and now Pinterest. Slowly but surely its growing. And I’m hoping to really build it up throughout the next few months! I’ve gotten tons of advice from some Facebook groups which have been super helpful! I’m hoping to join some more linky parties in the next month or two. It’s a lot of work, social media, but I’ve noticed a big difference already. I may start adding more than one recipe a week and will definitely get back into some more sexual health posts as well.

Money Goals

Trying to cut back on my spending even more is goal number one. I’m also hoping to put aside even more into my savings account each month. Right now I auto-transfer $300 to my savings. I want to up it to $500. But for me to realistically do that, I need to generate extra income from somewhere. I’ve done direct sales in the past and have no desire to do that again.  I’ve considered getting a hostessing job one or two days a week to give my wallet a little boost. But really I’d love to do something that I can really do from home. I’d love to make something to sell but I’m just not sure what yet! Got some ideas for me?!

After the holidays I intend on selling my car. It needs a few repairs but once I get my taxes done, Its getting listed. Between my tax returns and selling my car, I should be more than able to meet my goal for my student visa requirements.

I really want to pay off my credit card quickly. I’ve been going back and forth about what to do with my credit card. Pay it off in full and then take my normal monthly payment and put it in my savings. Or continue on my split savings/credit card, like I’ve done the last 4-5 months. I ultimately don’t want to have a credit card balance or I want to pay it off in full every month.

Health/Home Goals

I’m still failing on my waking up and doing Yoga every morning. I still want to, but I have such a hard time waking up when its dark out. I’d still love to loose 10lbs, but I’ve been hoovering around the same weight for weeks now. I know exercise is the only answer…I’m just so lazy.

2011-11-03 23.01.09












I also really need to get in the habit of walking the dogs more. It’s really easy when you have small dogs that are pad trained, to not go outside when its cold. Especially with Bunni, she’s a big baby and doesn’t want to walk when its cold out. I mean, look at her little face, how could you not want to pick her up! When I am in London I would love to have them on a good schedule and use the pads less than I do now. I think walking the dogs more will also help me get those last few lbs I want off.

Bringing a healthier lunch to work. I’m still struggling to not go to lunch all the time. Or I just bring left over pasta for lunch. Which all though makes a great lunch and easy to make in bulk, I really need to boost up my lunch game. And bring in a wider variety of items. I’ve said before meal planning doesn’t work very well for me. But I am finding that I really enjoy doing recipe posts and I plan those out, and usually I make enough to last a few days. So I may just plan more recipe posts and kinda go along with the meal planning thing to see how it goes. I also really found it convenient to have the breakfast burritos for mornings. So I have to do some more batches of those.

I need to get in a better cleaning routine. There are days that I just look at my apartment and I’m like…W.T.F its easy to slack off when it’s just  you. Like my bathroom…I wouldn’t even want you to pee in there, it’s so nasty. I need to get in the habit of washing my dishes right after I use them, cleaning the bathroom regularly and tidying up on the daily. A cleaner space definitely makes for a less stressful home.

I also want to do some more purging. Movies, books, random crap I don’t even look at. Why do I keep shit I don’t use? Beats me…must be the pack-rat side of me (or more like my mom’s side). But I totally love purging for some reason, getting rid of the old is like this refreshing feeling.

Boy oh boy! I’ve got some big plans! But hopefully a lot of these things, with a little hard work and dedication will easily be accomplished!

What are your goals for December?




3 thoughts on “December Goals and Plans

  1. Wow good for you for outlining all of your goals! I love the booties and I think your photography skills are great. That after photo is amazing! How did you get the white background? I’m always trying to improve too…

    • Thank you!! for those ones I ended up finding a $20 white ikea table on Craigslist and propped up some foam board in the background. Thats my new set up, before I was using a photobox that I made!

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