Guest Bloggers Wanted!

Guest Bloggers Wanted

Some days my brain just shuts down or I get too busy to think, like yesterday (and today as well) where I actually had stuff to do that required my focus, hence my lack of FB posts, Tweets and what not I’m going to really take Sunday to sit down and go through my week as far as social media goes. I always say I’m going to but then I get lost in the weekend or in the stress of the holidays or in the stress of knowing that in a week I’m no longer going to be a 3 hour time difference away from my boyfriend…but a 6 hour time difference. It’s an entirely new challenge. We’ve had it relatively easy the last year. I can’t just text him when I’m done with work or when I’m about to go to bed…he’ll be just waking up. The next 9 months is going to be tough, but the end result is totally worth it!

I’ve been so busy at work the last few days that I haven’t had much of a chance to really write some posts for the next week. So today I decided that I’m going to put the word out there for some Guest Bloggers. I really enjoyed having my sister write for the blog! Plus it gave me a chance to really take a day to catch up and not worry about one day a week.

So here’s the call for Guest Bloggers!

I would love to have some guest bloggers who perhaps are crafty (got some cool diy jewelry or decor projects?) maybe if you’ve got some awesome fashion content? Good blogging tips? Maybe you’re a travel blogger?

If you’re a Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Food, Craft, Travel or Personal Finance Blogger:  Send me you’re ideas! You don’t have to commit to anything, even just one post is great! I’ll of course promote for your post across all my social media and would of course expect you to promote yourself as well! It can be beneficial for both of us!

**Obviously I’m not a Mom Blogger, but if you are and you have some non-kid related posts, feel free to email me with those ideas!** 



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