10 Statement Necklaces Under $50

I love me some statement necklaces. I’ve always gravitated towards them and my style has evolved over time. I used to really love those long necklaces that reached down to your belly button…but then my boobs got huge and they get sucked into the cavern of cleavage. I have a ton hanging up in my closet, but they sit unworn. My next trend I loved was the really earthy type beaded necklaces. I still have a ton of those in my closet too, also unworn because as I’ve aged, my style has changed as well. I tend to lean towards more geometric, classic styles and a really earthy necklace doesn’t always fit.
My current problem, is I have two types of necklaces. Smaller styles which I rarely wear and a few pieces that I wear all the time. But they’re starting to get a little played out in my closet since I practically wear the same 3 necklaces ALL THE TIME. My other problem is I have a lot of gold jewelry but no earrings, bracelets or rings to match. I have a TON of rings that I inherited from my grandmother who passed this summer, but alas none of them fit.
I need to add some things to my closet that are a little more varied and can go with lots of things that I already have and wear! All the options below are under $50! (and if you look really hard, you can find really similar ones on Forever 21’s website). For me buying expensive jewelry is a fine line. While I tend to like to have nicer rings (because they dont stain your fingers) and if I can silver/gold studded earrings (to prevent a reaction) in general I shy away from pricy jewelry. Trends come and go sooo quickly that spending $50 on a necklace is $50 I could spend on a nice basic top or pants that are classics. Jewelry is always the last thing I tend to buy. I always forget about it, when I’m focused more on what I need to add to my wardrobe!
10 Statement Necklaces Under $50
Do you have a favorite?!

3 thoughts on “10 Statement Necklaces Under $50

  1. I’m totally guilty of not spending a lot on my jewelry either. The problem is that the few times I’ve bothered buying jewelry, I don’t tend to like it as much as the jewelry that has been either passed down to me or given to me. :p
    PS. Found you via the Midwest bloggers fb page. Looking forward to following along!

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