Keeping the Romance Alive During the Holidays!


The holidays are stressful. We are planning and attending holiday parties, spending lots of money on food and gifts. Decorating, baking, cooking, traveling and shopping. It can easily become overwhelming, stressful and sometimes romance can get put on the back burner. We spend so much time thinking about other people that we forget ourselves and our partner.

At the exact same time the holidays can be increadibly romantic. I’m seriously expecting at least one or two texts from friends getting engaged, and I’m sure a Facebook feed FILLED with engagements. Although I myself am not expecting a sparkly rock on my finger for Christmas and I’ll be acros the ocean from my love, its still our anniversary this month. And remembering to make our relationship a priority (even more so than normal) is important during the holidays.

So what can you do!?

  • First things first, start with yourself. Its not going to be romantic if you’re practically pulling your hair out because you have about 300 cookies to bake tomorrow. Try to set aside at least one night a week to not do any holiday planning and prep. On this night, try to either focus on yourself for some relaxation or on your partner.  Here’s a few ideas for your night off!
  • Take a nice bubble bath. Complete with candles, wine and maybe some music or a movie. I watch movies while I’m in the tub, or else I spend 2 hours filling up the tub (my plumbing is terrible) and only 20 minutes sitting in there. A movie keeps me from getting too bored.
  • Take a walk with JUST your partner through a really lit up neighborhood. Lots of neighborhoods will deck out the street with crazy light displays. Although your kids will like it too, try going with just your partner, get a sitter for an hour or two and enjoy some time alone. You can also drive if its too cold. In Chicago, the Lincoln Park Zoo has Zoo Lights, a walk through the decorated zoo is a great date!
  • Another great date idea for you and your partner is to find an ice rink! In Chicago they are EVERYWHERE! Even if you don’t know how to skate, its a great opportunity to learn (or fall together!)
  • Find a cozy bar and have a cocktail. There are SO many bars that have a really cozy atmosphere with plush couches, fireplaces, and decorated for the holidays. Have a drink with your partner to unwind from the stress of the holidays.
  • Sit down and make some goals for 2015 together. Even though it doesn’t seem to be something romantic, be sure to include some romance on that list! Whether it be go on a date night each week. Plan a romantic getaway. Or to have sex at least 3 times a week. Just talking about some fun and sexy goals that you can do TOGETHER is a great way to remind yourselves to keep your relationship on the list of priorities.
  • Plan a sexy surprise for your partner. This is by FAR one of my favorite things to do. Does your partner have a fantasy that you’ve never really had the opportunity to play out? Maybe they have a favorite outfit that you very rarely wear that always gets them rearing to go. I have such a stockpile of lingerie and I know my boyfriend loves it when I wear certain types of heels. Even if its just after the kids go to bed. Light some candles, toss on something sexy and invite them to join  you! Let me tell you, I’ve never seen a man finish his work so quickly in my life.
  • Give the gift that keeps on giving. This may not strike a cord with everyone, but adding sex toys to your bedroom can really be fun, a great way to connect, communicate and can help increase intimacy between partners. Did you also know that 71% of men are open to using sex toys with their partners! Thats a majority of men who are open to the idea of sex toys. But if you’re not sure, the key is to communicate. Don’t just introduce one without asking! Suggest bringing a smaller toy like a bullet into the bedroom to try together! If they’re up for it! Take a trip to buy one together, or shop online together. That way you can both choose something you’ll both enjoy. 
  • Take a night off from cooking. Go out to a romantic dinner. Get dressed up, wear makeup, act like its your first date! Putting a little more effort into your date (like when you were first dating) can go a long way!
  • Give each other massages! Or go get a couples massage. What better way to relax than a massage. If you’re not super skilled as a massuese, try massage aids like gloves, heated pads and hand held massagers!

Got some other great ideas for keeping the romance alive during the holidays? Share them with me in the comments below! 

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