Frosty Vox Box Review!

Have you ever heard of Influenster? If not, you should definitely check it out! Its kind of like Yelp for products and if you complete the challenges and get the badges they may send you a box of goodies! I only recently started using it, but I quickly received a box! The #FrostyVoxBox! Needless to say, when I got the email stating that I was going to get some free stuff I was pretty excited. I mean…who isn’t excited for free stuff?!

I really love getting sample boxes like these (although with Influenster, they’re nearly all full size products) because it allows me to try a wide variety of things before going out to actually buy them. I love that! Plus I’ve gotten so many eyeliners between my Birchbox and now my VoxBox that I definitely do not need to buy eyeliner for at least a year!!

So what goodies did I get?!



VoxBox Goodies

Although the beauty sample boxes, or most sample boxes are taylored to a specific theme, the VoxBox is a variety of things…as you can see. Everything from cosmetics to herbs! Which was totally appropriate for me, considering I love to cook! If you can’t tell, I couldn’t even wait to eat those Fruit Vines…

Lets break it down and do little mini reviews of each product!

Eco Tools Brush

I really was excited about a new brush. I’m pretty sure the last brush I bought was one of the Goody microfiber brushes. Before that…the brush I have, I’ve probably had for 10 years. Not because its like the best brush ever, mostly because I’m just too cheap to buy a new one.

This Ecotools brush is pretty nice, its super lightweight, is ventilated for faster drying. and has a nice easy to grip handle.  I haven’t tried this brush to actually dry my hair but I did use it on my dry hair to smooth things out after it had been up in a ponytail. Now for me, on dry hair, it wasn’t that swell. It made my hair really fluffy looking and almost a little frizzy at the ends. My hair is naturally frizzy, but I just got my hair cut on Saturday (finally graduated to the “long hair haircut!”). I didn’t feel like it made my hair sleek and shiny like my normal brush.  Maybe with damp hair and a blow dryer it will give me that look. I still have to try it out.

Fruit Vines

I opened the box and was like ” YES CANDY!” I’m not a big sweets person. I typically stay away. I don’t know if its because I’ve been drinking more water or what but I’ve had a sweet tooth lately. Constantly craving ice cream and chocolate.  So talk about perfect timing. I couldn’t eat more than a few pieces at a time, because those babies are sweet (but super tasty!)

Red Vines were a staple in my house growing up. It was the only kind of licorice my mom would eat. She’d buy packs and just nibble on them! We’d use them as straws and always had them around (in the car, in the house…everywhere!) So I was already familiar with the brand and knew that the Fruit Vines would be just as good as the originals! And they didn’t disappoint!

McCormick Thyme

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that I like to cook. And making up spice mixes is now one of the things I like to do! Its (a.) Cheaper to make than pre-mixed packets and (b.) allows you to control what goes in your food (ie no weird things/ingredients). Thyme is one of those things that hasn’t really made its way into my pantry yet, but now I’m going to be scouring Pinterest for some recipes that will utilize Thyme to enhance a dish! I’ve got a whole bag of potatoes just waiting to be roasted….McCormick is a brand that everyone knows and has been around forever. You know the quality is good. Plus I really love it when herbs and seasonings come in glass containers, they’re great to re-use!

Expert Last Lip Color NYC

If you were to ask anyone about 2 years ago, how would you describe Angela. They would say, Oh Angela! The girl with the red lipstick and the big jewelry! When I worked at the Casino, red lips were my thang. Lipstick is in general my thang. I have so many. Most in bold, bright colors. Very few neutrals. And funny thing is that I was thinking recently that I needed to buy a nice neutral color that is good for work. I wear my red lips and even my burgandy lipstick every once and awhile but a lot of times I don’t re-apply. I’m more likely to re-apply if its a neutral (mostly because I dont need a mirror) #lazygirlproblems

This color is PERFECT for everyday wear. Its not super bold, but just enough color to give you a little ompf.  NYC New York Color is one of those drugstore brands that are super inexpensive, so my feelings aren’t dashed when I loose a lipstick (which happens often). I can quickly replace it because NYC is everywhere and my wallet won’t be hurting either because its so reasonably priced.

Scandaleyes Eyeliner Rimmel London

Another Drugstore brand that I really love. I’ve actually purchased this eyeliner in the past, so I can attest to how great it is. I love Rimmel London in general. I like their mascara’s and eyeliners. And their lipsticks for that matter too. I have quite a few options in my makeup arsenal. The ScandalEyes Waterproof eyeliner is a really nice, goes on smoothly and with a good makeup remover comes off nicely as well. I used to buy all kinds of different colored eyeliners, but now I just stick to black. Although my Birchbox has sent me quite a few silver ones that I still just haven’t gotten to using yet…

Rimmel Makeup Remover

I cannot tell you how much I love makeup remover. I really love makeup remover wipes, but any makeup remover is really an essential in your bathroom. For me, I always remove makeup with some kind of specific remover. I don’t go and wash my clothes with dish soap  now do I? Or shampoo my hair with floor cleaner. Makeup removers are experts at removing difficult to remove makeup like you know…waterproof eyeliner…or mascara! Or that extra dark burgundy lipstick that just wont seem to come off with tissues. Its gentle around your eyes and is usually pretty good for people with sensitive skin (like me!).

This bottle from Rimmel was pretty large! So it will definitely last me awhile, plus a little goes a long way with makeup remover. You don’t need to soak a cotton ball through to really utilize it, a dash or two should totally be enough! I use lots of waterproof mascara, and even my normal makeup wipes don’t get it all off so I still end up with raccoon eyes in the morning. Eye Makeup specific makeup removers, like this one, are awesome for those pesky bits!

No7 Advance Serum

I’ll admit that even though I’m almost 30, I’ve never really done much in the way of skin care. Recently though I’ve realized that I should have started pre-aging skincare routines early in my 20’s to keep the wrinkles and age spots away. The bags under my eyes are pretty dark and sadly the wrinkles are slowly coming…

I’ve been crazy lucky. And I don’t mean to brag, but I have awesome skin. I very rarely get breakouts, my only big skin flaws are some red spots on my forehead and cheeks, and dark under eye circles. I do tend to have larger pores around my nose, but its not as bothersome. But now that I’m thinking more and more about how to keep my skin looking flawless as I age, I’m looking more and more for products like the Boots Protect & Perfect Advanced Serum.  I wanna keep my skin looking amazing till I’m 80!

I’ve never actually used Boots before, but now that its readily available and I’ve had a chance to check it out, I’m definitely going to consider it as a go to skin care item!

Candy Cane Lane Tea

I know one of my Goals for December was to drink more green tea. And I’ve totally been off to a bad start. Actually now that I’m thinking about it, I’ve yet to have a cup of tea since I said I was going to start drinking more. I don’t actually have any green tea…does that count as an excuse? I have white tea…its not the same.  Even though I like green tea, I generally stick to more fruity accented ones (think blueberry, peach, raspberry, pomegranate etc.). Mint is not really my thing. But I love Celestial Seasonings, some of my coworkers love mint tea so I’ll be passing this along to them.  One of my FAVORITE green teas is a Celestial Seasonings Blueberry Green Tea, I don’t actually know if they make it anymore. But it’s delicious. I love blueberry anything really.

But this Candy Cane Lane Green Tea is perfect for the holidays. Thats one of the fun things about Celestial Seasonings, they always have seasonal teas. Pumpkin and Candy Cane, Gingerbread and Caramel Apple…and even Sugar Cookie! Plus I mean…can you imagine how delicious your house will smell if you’re whipping up a batch of sugar cookie tea?! Yum!

I was so surprised to be selected for the VoxBox for December! And totally excited. I got some really useful items that I’ll definitely utilize. And will continue to do reviews on Influenster, because who knows what else I could get in the future! Its a really awesome concept!


***All products were provided to me by Influenster at no cost, for the purposes of testing and reviewing said products. All opinions are my own.***

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