The Lazy Girl’s (or Guy’s) Last Minute Drugstore Gift Guide

I was not going to do a gift guide, other than this DIY Guift Guide I did a few weeks back, but then I realized that there were still a few gifts that I needed to get, mostly for my Dad and brother-in-laws and of course the white elephant gift I had to get for the office. My Dad and Bro-in-laws didn’t get gifts from Walgreens, although I was super tempted to be lazy. Luckily there’s a TJMaxx within walking distance. Score!

But then I got to thinking, how many people don’t have much around them, maybe have zero time and need to pick up a quick gift at say Walgreens or CVS?

So I didn’t go too crazy on the gift guides, but I’m a BIG supporter of doing cool and unique gifts. Last year for my friends I went to the travel section of the beauty department at Target and loaded up some cosmetic bags with goodies; everything from lipgloss to facewipes. I love unique gifts like that.

Gift Guide, Gift Guide for Her

So for the ladies doing little choose yourself gift sets is an awesome idea.

  • If you know someone who loves to soak in the tub try putting together a little basket of spa products: bubble bath, a bath brush, a shower cap, epsom salts, toss in some candles and a bottle of wine? Sounds like a pretty great evening to me!
  • I dont get my nails done very often at a salon (remember last week how I talked about cutting out luxury expenses? Manicures are one of them) Toss together a complete kit with nailpolish, cuticle cutters, buffers, polish remover and drying spray!
  • Cosmetic Sets. I don’t know if you’ve been to some of the fancier Walgreen’s lately, but those places have a full out beauty department complete with beauty consultants on staff! The brands they carry aren’t your normal drugstore brands anymore. Put together a “look” with makeup! Smokey eyeshadows, mascara, a great lip color and of course…if they have the acrylic cosmetic organizers, snap it up! They’re awesome! Gift Guide, Gift Guide for Him

For the guys it can be a little more challenging at the drugstores…but not impossible!

  • Walgreens carries nice cologne. So you don’t need to head over to Macy’s or Saks to pick up a nice cologne. Its the same price (sometimes cheaper if its on sale!).
  • Men need skin care too! Product specifically formulated for men’s skin is important and their skin typically isn’t as delicate as women’s. Boots and Dove carry skin care products just for men!
  • Hit up the electronics department! They have some smaller items that just might be perfect for that guy who seems to have everything. From an alarm clock with an iPhone dock or for portable bluetooth speakers (perfect for the office yeah!?) Or maybe he needs to stock up on SD cards for his camera!
  • An electric razor is an old standby gift for the guys, Walgreens should definitely have something within your price range!

I also totally recommend hitting up the “As Seen On TV” section of Walgreens. Those gifts are totally cheesey…but were the hottest items at our White Elephant party!

You don’t have to brave the department stores to find gifts or if you’re short on time, it might be worth a trip to your local drug store to see what you can put together!  Also if you haven’t tried it, give the ship to store a shot. Its totally convienent. Websites like Walgreens, Walmart, Home Depot all have ship to store, its sooo easy!


**This post was not sponsored by Walgreens or CVS…I just live next to a Walgreens…**

2 thoughts on “The Lazy Girl’s (or Guy’s) Last Minute Drugstore Gift Guide

  1. It always amazes me how much awesome stuff you can find at the drug store! One year my sister -in-law was really sick on Christmas morning, so my mum and I had to run to the nearest drug store to get some meds for her. When we got there, we were totally amazed at how many people (on the morning of the 25th!) were actually gift shopping! Brings a new meaning to last minute.

    Thanks for sharing these great picks 🙂

    xx Kathryn

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